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Birthday: 1920-04-22
Joined: 2009-09-26
Country: United States
Location: Uh..My house

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Facebook:)If your one of my friends on here say what your username on here iss

I don't want you to leave me

Amanda / Cat lover / young / deep / lovin' / Christian / life
/ Wanna be your Sunshine / Little Miss. Chatterbox :D
/ Conservative / Animals / Hearts / Friends / Good grades
/ Chococat / love / music / cuteness / All things cute

"Just remember that, I didn't walk away, You let me go."

!http://dl7.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2020/2020967azu1dcprr0.gif! *Hello, I'm SquirrelyKitten*
*^"An easier Way to feed your Pet's":http://m.foopets.com/play^*
*^{Status: Please. Feed My Foo Pets for me!}^*
~Hello! My name is Amanda and I live in South Carolina. I Love Animals. I Mostly love cats :) I have two of the best and most very curious kitty’s at home, Kitty and Pinky, I also have my Foo-Pets Shadow, Bruno, & Scarlett and my Foo-Fosters and my Foo-Friends! I also want to make it clear to every body that I will not breed & Don't Send Me any - Chain Mail. Chain - Mail is nasty, Rude and Annoying. I really, Really, .. Do not like them.~
^*Please Respect that,*^
^¤ I don't sell any of my pets^
^¤ I don't want to buy your pets^
^¤ I don't accept Chain - Mail^
^¤ I might Accept your Friend Request^
^¤ I don't want to buy from your sale.^
^¤ I will treat you good if you treat^
^me the same. So please be respectful.^
!http://i712.photobucket.com/albums/ww125/lienberry/sozai/dividerdots2.png! *^I make Meez Characters for 2 Foo Dollar's^*

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paaybwear! writes:

I MISS YOU! its payton :)

cutiepets writes:

Hey there!☺
It's CutiePets, and we're reopening!
Click our avatar for more details. See you soon!

Ărress. writes:

Please vote and comment!

xx_cullen-carol_xx writes:

Miss Ya A Lot Hun ! D: How've You been ? And Nooo DD: I Dont Really Use FB , Sorry . But Do You Have A Twitter ? :D

the pet place! writes:

Please adopt. ♥ This is Payton .. ♥adoption.centre<3 and out of the cage pet adoption and payton*... remember me? :D

xx_cullen-carol_xx writes:

Hey Hun ! Long Time No Talk D: I Miss Ya ! What's Up ? :DD

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