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Hi & welcome to a new club made espcially for those who are against any form of animal cruelty.No matter what level of activism you are at,you may still be a part of this club.Its simply to join, just fill out the form below.*Indicates things that you must fill in.

name: addi darlingface™
birth date: august seventeeth
favorite animal: llamas & platypi
level of activism: animal lover&vegetarian
why i joined: causee i love animals? :)
Rank:Standard Animal Lover

Name ; Mimi GORE.
Birthday ; The 10th of March
Fav. Animal ; Pandabear :).
Level of activism ; Animal lover/Vegetarian.
Why you joined ; I love animals so much,
And im against animal cruelty.
Rank;Standard Animal Lover.

1.Cutest Pet Possible;
Do you think your pet is the most adorable?If so submit a picture of your pretty pal and not only will we put it up, but will enter you into our first ever contest!The winner will be ranked up to Official Animal Adorer!
3.Refer Me;
When somebody registers get them to refer you.If you invite somebody leave in that invite something along the lines of'when you register refer(your name)'You must first tell me that your entering so I can Keep count.

Club Artist;;Mimi Gore;
Birthday Wishers;;
Update Noticer;;

If you would like your own notices on here,please leave a message with it on.Here their will be activism updates,campaign stuff etc.
12/July-New Member!WelcomeMimi!
-A new campain is under contructions.I will leave a url when its all sorted out.All campaings will have a page on a piczo site.UPDATE;Its all sorted,Vist Now!

Comments (3)

jane writes:

Name: Jane
Date of Birth: July 4th
Favorite Animal: Bear
Level of Activism: My husband and I drove cats and dogs to other towns or states sometimes to get them to the person who wants to adopt them. Rescued a couple of mine from animal shelters and one from a dog pound.
Why I joined: To see what others to do help and keep up to date on what needs attention to stop euthanasia of pitbulls, chihuahuas and pregnant moms dogs and cats.

happyful writes:

Name: Andrea:)
Birthday: November 12th
Favorite animals: Turtles
Level of activism: Animal Lover
Why you joined: I Joined Cause I REALLY LUV ANIMALS

mcd_4u writes:

Name: Minnie

Birthday: June 13th

Favorite Animal: Cats and Dogs.

Level of Activism: I adopt cats and dogs.

Why I joined: I hope to become an activist for animals against abuse...and be their voice against abuse. I love animals and I believe in treating them the same as us. No animal should go without justice or being loved.

Also, I have a nominee I would like to nominate for the contest:

This is Lucky: I currently rescued him from an abusive environment...where he was traumatized by people constantly hurting him into submission. After a couple weeks, I adopted him and took him home. His favorite games are hide-and-seek and chase-it. He loves naps and being petted.

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