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"♥☆。★。†。☆。★。♥。†。☆。Ana†eriuM ☆㋡═☞ OFFICIAL G-G ARTIST FROM ㋡═☞ MEXICO。☆。† 。♥。☆。★。†。☆。★♥"


Birthday: 1920-08-30
Joined: 2007-06-12
Status: artist
Country: Mexico
Location: Virgins Inner Sanctum

Uploads: 4642
Layouts: 0

Finally Autumn Season :D
Thanks for your comments during this time.I will visit you as often as possible dear friends,thank you!!

。☆。Thanks Shonna。☆。

。☆。Thanks Fran。☆。

。☆。Thanks Melanie。☆。

Comments (9430)

nay*flower writes:

im sorry i wasnt on here yesterday to send you birthday wishes! but i hope you had an awesome day, and got your wishes made true!

nice guy writes:

Dear Anna

Firstly, … It is great to see you back here.
Yes! Have missed you greatly and trust you
Would stay for … forever here.
Welcome back … my dear friend.
I am sure all of us here are happy you
Are here with us again.

Birthdays are a new start,
A fresh beginning and a time
To pursue new endeavours
With new goals. Move forward
With confidence and courage.
You are a very special person.
May today and all your days
Be amazing.


Jaya Francis

brennybren writes:

Hello my dear Anna :D
♥ Wishing you a really wonderful Birthday ♥
~Enjoy every single moment of your special day~
Love, hugs & best wishes to you ♥

shakela writes:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA...may you day be filled with love, peace and joy and may the blessings from above fill this day but all the days after! Have an awesome day! Take care and God bless.

XOXO ~ Shakela

jczbabydoll writes:

Happy Birthday Anna,

May all of your hopes & dreams come true & that your special day holds many surprises for you...hope you have a wonderful birthday! :)

Hope your week is going good so far also, Happy Wednesday :)


xxdebxx writes:

Hi Anna sweetie,
Thanx for stopping by my friend. It's wonderful to hear from you...It seems like ages lol. And yes I will keep in touch and I hope whenever u have some spare time on your hands you can make me a few tags....just surprise me. I love all your work so there is no chance of me not liking anything u make me...no pressure girlfriend. GG does seem quiet. I noticed quite a few members like Jaya and Melanie were no longer here. Anyways take care. It feels good to be back. I've missed u.
P.S Love your page. It looks fantastic!!! Aite. Looking forward to hearing from you....
Big Hugzzzzz


shakela writes:

Hi Anna...may I request these 2 graphics with my name Shakela please?

and this one...may I request that it reads It's My Birthday

Thanks sweets. Take care and God bless.

XOXO ~ Shakela

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Anna,

Thanks for stopping by....it's great hearing from you again, it sure has been a long time...Your welcome for the welcome back sweetie, as you've been missed. Glad to hear things are good with you & your family. My family & I are doing good too. Your also welcome for my votes & comments, you know I Love your work :) Hope you can be here more often too. Sounds good, looking forward to talking with you soon too! :) Btw, Love your page, it's So Beautiful, love the color combo....made a birthday gift for you too, here it is, made it clicky:

Hope you like it & that you have a great day & rest of the week! :)


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