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" ღ❤ღ True ART is characterized by an irresistible URGE in the creative artist. ღ❤ღ — Δℓвɛят Єιиƨтɛιи (1879-1955). "


Birthday: 1985-02-20
Joined: 2008-09-16
Location: ♛Ǥℓιтɛяяʏ Ƥℓαcɛ (✿◠‿◠)

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lin60 writes:

Hello and happy new week to you! Hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer, winter which ever the case may be. My summer so far has not been what I expected. Hot yes, too much rain a big YES. Everyday for the past 2 weeks almost rain off and on, no sun until the very late part of the day! BUT it is what it is. I am loving all of the new graphics I am seeing uploaded here on GG. To all who is making them thumbs up, keep them coming! In the meantime, hugs and love being sent your way!

connie gayle writes:

vote and comment
i wonder you can make CONNIE

color green

lin60 writes:

hi , just passing through to say hello!! Hugs, Linda

ladyrae writes:

Hi !
Coming by to say . . .

shonna writes:

Hi there Anjielyn thanks for stopping and for the birthday comment as well hoping all is going good I am doing okay and I know I will have a good bday as well wishing a wonderful day and weekend be safe and well most of all have fun....:)

jane writes:

Hi, just passing through to say Goodnight. I'm not going this early, it's only 9:30, lol, but wanted to make sure to stop by and say Hey. Tomorrow is Friday for those of you who work, so the weekend is almost here. Time is passing so quickly. I told my husband today, it seems like 2017 just started and we are almost half way through the year! Plus another BD for me, geeze, why do I have to keep having them? I know it's only a number, but it is a bigger one every year, lol. Well, off I go to make a few graphics before bed. I did a lot today and I need some good sleep tonight, have to get up early to go with Ron to his Drs. appt. So, you take care, sleep well if you get this tonight or if not, hope you have a great day on Friday. Take care, Hugs,Jane
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