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"~you can fall in love at anytime or any place~"


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Hi Everyone, Taking request on new tags only thanks. Also on my BCA IN Memory of tag if you would like one let me know and I can do it for you as I don't know anyone that hasn't lost the fight due to breast cancer. You can still find me on facebook.

Made This for my daughter's friend that is 18 going though this. Also supporting everyone else that has to experience this. Also made the Fibromyalgia for everyone that suffers from this.

Alittle about me I have 2 daughters. Names are Angie she is 13 yrs old and Faith is 6 yrs old. I am now with my friend of 9 years I love him more than anything his name is Russell. I love butterflies, angles, gothic, pretty much anything. My favorite colors are blue, black and red.

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lin60 writes:

Hello and happy day to you. Here we are at the end of yet another week. Wow time sure does go by fast, right? Well I have been getting a lot done on my mini vaca from school Today I am off to explore my many totes filled with holiday ornaments and other decor that I will use to decorate for this years holiday season. YES I am an early decorator for I love the holiday minus halloween, so I go right into Christmas and this way it lasts longer!! LOL.. So in the meantime, have a beautiful weekend, make memories!! xoxox

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Melanie,

I hear ya, as that's happened to me before many times also, one of my recent offers took me a few days, since I was trying to animate it, but it kept distorting the tube, so didn't want it to go to waste, so I uploaded it un-animated, which isn't like me, lol...You did an awesome job on your latest graphic, thanks again for the one you made with my name, it goes great with my page, & I love it.


lin60 writes:

Hello and happy today to you! As always I am sorry I am MIA lately due to working and teaching. BUT I get a short break coming up this week and plan on being here making graphics during one of the days I get to myself. Hope life is treating you well!! HUGGSS Linda

halo42101 writes:

Just stopped by to say hi. I hope you are doing well and have a good day today.


nice guy writes:

Thank you for these lovely graphics.
Yes! I love them.

lin60 writes:

Hello my GG friend and glitter-Bug.Hope you are having a beautiful today. I am so sorry I have not been here as often as I want to be, but my work must come first as a substitute teacher. I worked every day last week and had not time for anything else. BUT next week, not this week, but the next I am on a short fall break from school and hope to be her making visits to you and making graphics..So n the meantime, I wish you a beautiful week, sunny skies, and happiness!! HUGGS,

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