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"~you can fall in love at anytime or any place~"


Birthday: 1984-03-02
Joined: 2007-11-03
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Country: United States
Location: Florida..

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Hi Everyone, Taking request on new tags only thanks. You can still find me on facebook.

Made This for my daughter's friend that is 18 going though this. Also supporting everyone else that has to experience this. Also made the Fibromyalgia for everyone that suffers from this.

Alittle about me I have 2 daughters. Names are Angie she is 14 yrs old and Faith is 7 yrs old. I am now with my friend of 10 years I love him more than anything his name is Russell. I love butterflies, angles, gothic, pretty much anything. My favorite colors are blue, black and red.

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nay*flower writes:

thanks so much for thinking of me sweetie! i love this so much!

creamymocha66 writes:

Thank you so much. Love it!!!! :-)xoxoxoxox

nay*flower writes:

thank you so much for thinking of me!!

mietta writes:

Hello Melanie sweetie! I am very glad that you like the birthday gift and a little surprise. Much love to you my beautiful friend. I wish you a wonderful day! Much hugsssss!

PS: Thank you so much this very nice gift! Love it so much! Love ya! Big hugsss!

keas_sister writes:


Love this....Thank you sweetie!

creamymocha66 writes:

Happy Belated Birthday. I hope it was great!!! :-) xoxoxoxo

jczbabydoll writes:

Your welcome for the birthday wish, hope you had a great day!

Glad your weekend was good also...

Thanks, had a great monday, hope you did also & that you have a great tuesday as well....

jczbabydoll writes:

What a nice surprise, so Pretty in Pink..., thanks Melanie, I Love It :)

Big Hugs,

happy_guy writes:

Dear Melanie,

You are such a special friend,
Who deserves a special day,
For being who you are and
Bringing joy in every way.
You make me smile and laugh,
with everything you do,
So today I get to send
A special Birthday wish to you!

Wishing you my dear friend, a beautiful day
Hopes and dreams I’m sending your way
May all be good and all come true
On this very special day for you !!

Happy Birthday Melanie !

Jaya Francis

ma.daisy writes:

Hi Mel dropping here to say this to you

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