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Hi Everyone, Taking request on new tags only thanks. You can still find me on facebook. Me and Russell already know what we are having we did our anatomy scan at 17 weeks I have to go back to finish it at 21 weeks May 29 wanna see if it was accurate that early. So what is ya'll guess on what we are having? Will it be a Boy or Girl?

Made This for my daughter's friend that is 18 going though this. Also supporting everyone else that has to experience this. Also made the Fibromyalgia for everyone that suffers from this.

Alittle about me I have 2 daughters. Names are Angie she is 15 yrs old and Faith is 8 yrs old. I am now with my friend of 11 years I love him more than anything his name is Russell. Me and Russell are expecting our first baby together I am due Oct. 9. I love butterflies, angles, gothic, pretty much anything. My favorite colors are blue, black and red.

Will it be our first boy

I will 19 week 3 days in this photo I am currently 20 weeks 5 days

Or Will it be my 3rd girl and his 2nd girl

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jane writes:

Popping in to say Hello. I'm not back yet, but wanted to do some voting and visit a few friends. I hope you are enjoying whatever you are doing and the weather is nice for you. We're having rain almost the whole next week :( I want to do so much and it's always wet outside. I guess I have more time inside to do things. I've been taking down my curtains and washing them, and the blinds, etc. There is always stuff inside to do with all my pets too. Last couple days I cut grass and trimmed to catch up before next rain. The other day I put a Pork tenderloin in our grill on the porch and as soon as I stepped inside, the sky let loose, lol. It poured and I had to go out and take care of it, so you know I was soaked. Well, what can you do but laugh, right? Well, I'll let you go,if you want to stop by, I check in to read messages once in awhile. If not it's ok, you can wait till I come back. Enjoy your day and most of all enjoy life. Sending you a Big Hug till next time. Catch ya later, Hugs, Jane

lin60 writes:

Hello and Happy today to you. I am here to wish say I have finally found some time to be here to visit and to make some graphics, I forgot how relaxing it was to sit and create. I hope your today is all you want it to be. In the meantime, Love and Hugs, Linda

Oh how exciting for you both, a new baby!!! AWESOME news. HMM, well I will take a guess and say it will be a boy..But a little girl would be just as nice and exciting. I really am so happy for you both as you both have been through some tough times!! Congratulations!!! xo

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Melanie,

Wanted to thank you again for my new cute weekend graphic, as I've enjoyed using it in my comments today, I Love It :) Hope this finds you doing well.
Also stopping by to say...

fran writes:

Thank you for stopping by my page. Sorry, its taken me so long to get back with you.
Life has been keeping me busy lately.
Even though I may not be here...know that you're always on my mind and in my Heart!

P.S. Congratulations Sweetie...may God bless you with a strong and healthy baby!

jczbabydoll writes:

Super Cute....thanks so much for making this for me Melanie, looking forward to using it soon, I Love It :)


jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Melanie,

My family & I are doing pretty good, hope that you & your family are too, thank you. Cool on how you did your last reveal, with balloons & glitter, I'm sure whatever you decide to choose to reveal will be exciting either way, congrats again :)
On another note, while making my rounds, I came across this cutie & wanted to ask if I may request this:

with Pami added please, thank you :)

May it be a blessed one! :)


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