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Hi Everyone, Taking request on new tags only thanks. You can still find me on facebook. Time to reveal if its a girl or boy?

Made This for my daughter's friend that is 18 going though this. Also supporting everyone else that has to experience this. Also made the Fibromyalgia for everyone that suffers from this.

Alittle about me I have 2 daughters. Names are Angie she is 15 yrs old and Faith is 8 yrs old. I am now with my friend of 11 years I love him more than anything his name is Russell. Me and Russell are expecting our first baby together I am due Oct. 9 we are having a Girl. I love butterflies, angles, gothic, pretty much anything. My favorite colors are blue, black and red.


We are having my 3rd babygirl and his 2nd babygirl. I am now 29 weeks 5 days though. I also have 10 weeks 2 days left.

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jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Melanie,

Thanks for your sweet comment :)

Wishing you & yours a fantastic friday & weekend :)


My siggie is Clicky :)

P.S. I may take requests on this, depending on how many requests I get, so if you like it, please click & vote & add a comment to it if you want one & if you already have, then let me know on my page that you would like one & what color you would want too, unless you like the color I used, & if no color is chosen, then it will be just like this one, thanks :)

anaterium writes:

Thanks in advance Melanie, you are sweet!! wishing you a super fun weekend!!

~*belle*~ writes:

Hi baby girl~:)
I use Photoshop & Paint Net which are both home programs I purchased and downloaded to my computer. There are a few free sites I use sometimes, I don't know how to share links on here but you can "google" them. Search for "Lunapic" and "Glitter Photo Pimp". It will pull up these two sites plus many more you can look at and might be able to use. Hope this information helped and best wishes on the graphic making.
Have a grea weekend~:)

тεɨą writes:

Ƨωɛɛт Ɖяɛαмƨ!

anaterium writes:

cool!! u are welcome Melanie,xoxo!!

anaterium writes:

Hello Melanie!

thanks for visiting my website...and yeah..all of the freebies are in zip files cuz is easier to upload them to the site,also because most of the freebies are several items inside,at least 3 tubes,some have backgrounds and that...

Of what I know is not difficult to unzip them since most of the computers already have the tool to do that...when you donwload them right click on the file and just click again on unzip,open or extract here,any of those options, let me know if this help in any way, big hugs!!

poetic1 writes:

You're welcome and Thank you!!

poetic1 writes:

Hi! I just uploaded your requests. They are different from the ones you chose, but similar. I made those yeeeeeears ago and lost some of the designs,lol. So I found similar things and made you something. I hope you like them. If not, please let me know and I will make any changes you want. THANK YA!

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Melanie,

Hope you.....

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