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"Dancing is like Dreaming with your Feet it is my Passion."


Birthday: 2005-09-15
Joined: 2017-10-25
Country: New Zealand
Location: Paradise

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Status › Busy with Family School and Dancing
Thankyou for the lovely Messages you leave for me
and for the Beautiful Graphics You make for me too.

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jane writes:

Hi Amber, I heard some great news of your ballet and how proud Nana and Pop are of you, but you know that already. You sound like such an amazing and beautiful young lady. You and Nana have an awesome relationship. As I told her I am jealous as I don't see my daughter or grand kids anymore, so sad. But I do love hearing about your talent and all your recitals. Keep up the great work, you're on your way to being an amazing woman who will do many wonderful things in her lifetime. Hugs

robbie4 writes:

Congratulations Dear Amber you were AMAZING!!
we were Captivated by Your Performance with
the RNZ Ballet we feel So Proud!
xoxoxoxo Lots of Love from Nana & Pop

robbie4 writes:

Best of Luck for Tonight Beautiful Girl!
Nana & Pop are so excited and cant wait
to see you Perform with the Royal NZ Ballet

lin60 writes:

Hello and yes it is me, visiting once again while I have some time. Missing all of you while I am so onto my job at school at times I feel so overwhelmed by all of the tasks I have on a daily basis, but I love it just the same. I do really miss being here making graphics, just re did my page for the winter and am happy with it and had a blast doing it, felt good to be here again. I am back to school tomorrow after having a week off, but was running here and there doing the holiday cooking and shopping!! Got all except 2 gifts bought..I am here to say I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and wish you a wonderful new week ahead.. Keep on glittering and know I will always be here, I will never leave!!! Many hugs !!!! Linda
So proud to read from your Nana all about your dancing... you are a pro and a beautiful young lady!!!! So happy to know you!! xoxoxox

shakela writes:

Hi there Amber...thank you for stopping by my page with your sweet message...truly appreciate you doing so. I wish I could do the same but with too many things to look into most days, I don't seem to be able to do so and for that, I'm sincerely sorry!
I pray that the passing days find your beautiful family and you in good spirits and great health as well! Just sprinkling some love onto your page and letting you know that you're never far from my thoughts! Take care, have a fabulous weekend and God bless.

XOXO ~ Shakela


mercuryz writes:

Dancing here by to say hi!

Dear, Amber! Have a lovely week

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