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His loving arms enveloped me, and then He helped me stand.
He said, "You still must face this storm, but I will hold your hand."
So through the dark and lonely night He guided me through pain.
I could not see the light of day or when I'd smile again.
Yet through the pain and endless tears, my faith began to grow.
I could not see it at the time, but my light began to glow.
I saw God's love in brand new light, His grace and mercy, too.
For only when all self was gone could Jesus' love shine through.
It was not easy in the storm, I sometimes wondered why.
At times I thought, "I can't go on." I'd hurt, and doubt, and cry.
But Jesus never left my side He guided me each day.
Through pain and strife, through fire and flood, He helped me all the way.
And now I see as never before how great His love can be.
How in my weakness He is strong, how Jesus cares for me!
He worked it all out for my good, although the way was rough.
He only sent what I could bear, and then He said, "Enough!"
He raised His hand and said, "Be still!" He made the storm clouds cease.
He opened up the gates of joy and flooded me with peace.
This has been borrowed from Marie Loves Jesus...

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This Item was created for me
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This was created for me by sparkles17..thanks hun xoxo... Ilove it. .

GILDA. Im chuffed to bits with this aww.. ....hugs.xoxoxo

thank you sparkles 17 for making this for me..love it!.

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