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"Don't cry because it ended, smile becasue it happended. -Annoymous"


Birthday: 1998-08-08
Joined: 2009-12-12
Country: United States
Location: North Carolina

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I am Brianna, you can call me Bree!
I am 12 years old.
I am in the 7th grade.
I am a fan of Jesus, Justin Bieber, Hello Kitty, and anything Kawaii <3
I have blonde hair and green eyes and I am about (or maybe a inch more) 5' 4''. :)
I am really friendly :)
I love animals! My favorite is the red panda! (It looks like a fox!!)
I am shy in real life!
I also love Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Demi Lavato, and Bella Thorne!
I am better at Math than Science! Lol :)
Last Login: 4/8/2011

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strawberryangel writes:

hey, bree I added u, hope u would add me back......u r sooooo sweet! :) I also love kawaii! hope we will become great friends :)

rita joyce writes:


"A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg
even if you are half-cracked."

~ Author Unknown

We can now build a snowman/snowwoman.
We have gotten our first substantial snowfall.
It is certainly beautiful.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
Warm Hugs, Rita

rita joyce writes:

A Christmas Blessing

"During this Christmas season,
May you be blessed
With the spirit of the season,
which is peace,
The gladness of the season,
which is hope,
And the heart of the season,
which is love."
~ Unknown Author

I know it is a bit early for my Christmas greeting,
but it will be a very busy time
and I didn't want to miss an opportunity
to wish you a most joyous holiday/weekend.

Holiday Hugs and Candy Cane Kisses,

classic girl writes:

are u active ?!if youare not ill delete u.

sweetness12 writes:

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