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"x♥You had your chance, it passed you by, and now there is no, "you and I"So do what you want, say it too, it won't change the way I feel about you♥x"


Birthday: 1980-02-28
Joined: 2007-03-07
Location: Owatonna, Minnesota

Uploads: 166
Layouts: 0


What happens...

I look for graphics on this site.

Every once in a while I'll add graphics.

I will not reply to comments unless it's important to me.

I no longer take requests.

Okay, well, I'm Brittany, I guess I'll just put some information up here since I really don't know what to say.


Some of the questions
Other people personal habbits...My name is Brittany
*5' 6"
*12 Years young(7th Grade)

Birthday= Febuarary 28
Orientation= Straight

Hair color= Black
Eye color= Brown

Pants= Tight black jeans.

Shirt= Long sleeved, stripes or pattern. Black.

Belt= STUDDED. OR bottlecap, guitar pic, LED screen, or seat belt belt.

Shoes= Black Converse All-Stars

Jewelry= Silver. Hearts. Inanimate objects like zippers, pins, paperclips, buttons, dice, ect. Stuff that you wouldn't normally see.

Nail polish= Either none, or black.

Hair stuff= Nothing normally, but color it pretty.


*Drug free
*For animal's
*Musician (meh..)





Gloomy bear is the shit.
If you think otherwise, I shall murder you.

Same goes for Jack.

Comments (8)

juliettelepez writes:

I don't know how to add friends but I wish to.

<3kayley<3 writes:

How do you make glitter graphics?

rainbowpandah writes:

I like your picture... ;)<3.

brittanyward5 writes:

hi my name is brittany too! how do you make graphics/?

coolbaby2 writes:

Hello dear friend
my name is Mis Cindy I saw your profile in
site.com i just having some feeling on
you that is why i want you contact me
with this my email address
(cindmercy2012@yahoo.co.uk)so that i
will give you my pictures for you
and also tell you more about my self ok
i will be waiting to hear from you
Thanks and remain blessed

nelly2000 writes:

please clicky and vote

Thank you

kaitlyn rubyheart writes:

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fofi's heart writes:

Can you tell how do you do animated for the photos
Can you tell me in my profile please
And how do you make your dolls flashing can you please tell me

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