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Hello. My name is Candace. I have twin boys, both with Autism. They are adorable! I just love them so much. I stay pretty busy most of the time. I am a stay at home mom. I quit smoking in September. It is one of the hardest things I have had to do. I have picked up a sunflower seeds addiction since then. LOL! Now I am on my way to losing all this weight I gained. LOL!! I love the colors pink then purple! My favorite animals are Tigers (of course), turtles, all kinds, and Yorkshire Terriers. One day I will get another one. Other favorites would include Tinkerbell-big time favorite, Tigger, and pin up toons. I cant make graphics anymore sorry. My computer crashed and I lost everything. I was just in the beginning stage of learning anyway. I welcome new friends, feel free to add me. I also want to thank the artists for the awesome work they do, great work y'all. I wish I could do it.

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catb123 writes:

Candice! OmGoodness! I have twin grandsons with autism. They just turned 5 yrs. Thier names are Mathew and Zacary and they have a sister 6 years old...who is a cutie! she is in the gifted classes. so smart. They are the delight of my heart and the boys' intellegence blows me away! I am amazed at how they see and perceive! I love to watch and be amazed at how they take in the world and see live "in pictures".
Sorry....I tend to talk to much once I get started on them. They just bring such joy to our hearts and keep us laughing...and crying too. I just think they are priceless and no words can describe them. God Bless you!
God gives special children to special moms! I am sure you are one!

catb123 writes:

Hi Candace. My name ic Cathi. I just joined GG a few months ago. Not long now. I am so brand new at digital scrapbooking. I hope you don't mind that I added you as my friend. I love your page! have a great day. I hope to hear from you.

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