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"We may not be able to change the waves...But we can learn to surf!"


Birthday: 1957-05-07
Joined: 2011-04-22
Status: artist
Country: United States

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lin60 writes:

Hello Cathi, wow, just came across this awesome graphic, I love it and you for thinking of me!!! So sweet, and how are you?? Keeping cool I hope, so hot outside!! Enjoy your today! HUGGSS

halo42101 writes:

Good morning, Cathi! I am okay, thanks! How are you? Thank you, I hope you are doing well too! I am glad to see you got back in to town safe & sound. Bless your hearts! I hope you are able to get good rest this weekend.
I will take good care. You please do the same!
Btw, I loved the flamingo graphics you closed with. Thanks for sharing!


keas_sister writes:

Hi Cathi!
I just got out of bed about a hour ago. For some reason I'm having a hard time waking up! Drinking a Pepsi...which I know is a big no~no...having a low blood sugar reading this morning...plus I just love Pepsi! Anyway..it's not good for my diet either! Ha! Maybe I should just go back to bed and start over later!
Going to hop in my son's pool after it warms up a little. I like to spend a couple of hours in there. The heat feels good on the front of my legs. Plus it's so quiet and peaceful in there. Not any plans for today...might hit the gym this evening.
Take care...and whatever you do today...Be Blessed!
Hugs, Mel

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Cathi,

Your welcome for the compliment on your page & thanks for yours about mine too, I'd been wanting to do a waterfall theme & use this background for awhile, since Jeff & I both love waterfalls.
LOL on being mom-napped by your daughter, sounds like you both had a great time at Lake Panasoffkee.
Glad your back, but sorry to hear your husband's uncle passed away & that your brother in laws step son had been waiting on kidney that they found for him, then when his daughter was on her way to see him in the hospital she was killed in a car accident, my heart goes out to you & your family over your loss, may God comfort you & be very close to you during this difficult time...
Doing pretty good, thanks for checking in & for also taking time out to stop by, much appreciated. Take care & ...


nice guy writes:

My dear Friend,

Yes! The “World Cup” beings today.
I do hope we have good games to enjoy.
I know Germany will do well but the ball
As they say is round … anything can happen.

Friendship is just a simple word, but you gave meaning to it.
Thanks can't be enough for the friendship extended to me.
I would like to say, that you are truly great.
Thanks for everything my good friend.

I have heard that friends do a lot in life.
I appreciate the time and efforts you take
to stop by at my page.
I am so blessed to have friends like you..
God Bless you always.

Jaya Francis

fran writes:

Hello Sweetie,
It's so good to hear from you...I hope you and your family are well.
I can't wait to see what new tag you're working on...I know it's going to look fabulous.
Wishing you a Happy Thursday Sweetie and before I forget...


nice guy writes:

My Dear Friend,

Yesterday is gone for ever,
Tomorrow will come only on tomorrow.
So today is the day for us.
Let us start with spirit and confidence.
Have a wonderful Good Morning!!

Every day of my life, I have something to say “Thank You” to.
And that includes YOU. Thank you for being my friend.

Every day is an opportunity to give. So today I’m giving you
a wonderful morning, a new chance to live. Be happy!

Be grateful for yesterday because you learn something.
Be grateful for tomorrow because surprises are coming.
And be grateful for today for it’s one more chance of living!
Have a productive day ahead!

Today, make yourself an inspiration for others. This
will also inspire them to embrace and enjoy the day ahead.

Wishing you a Great good morning.
Have a blessed day my friend.

Jaya Francis

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