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"Kind words can be short & easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless "


Birthday: 1957-09-10
Joined: 2008-12-30
Country: Italy
Location: California

Uploads: 441
Layouts: 0

I'm Blessed with two Hubbies, one of which is in spirit,

Ahmad & Akbar

two beautiful, handsome, healthy sons,
Giampiero & Gianmarco
Thank You, God!
Three new "friends' families" Virtual Memorials,
Prayer Wave, & the GG artists,
a great blood family, enough good friends,
two cute doggies, Sunny & Comet
~Prince went to the Rainbow Bridge on June 11th, 2009~
and a squadron of Angels watching over us :-)
Please go and visit my hubby’s memorial
& while there please sign the guest book, thank you!

Please take a look at the graphics my friends did for me
~ I'm truly honored & blessed ~
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

~~~About the request rules~~~
Here they are: there are no rules!
But… as my computer freezes often, which is a pain in the "@.."
I’m asking you to be patient with me.
I will be happy to comply with all your wishes, if...
you DO NOT rush me ;-)
I will let you know as soon as the graphics are approved.
Thank you for all your comments, love, and support.

~ I love you all ~
Huge Hugs, Cesca

To all my friends!!!
My computer crashed, I lost everything,
and I couldn't remember my password to log in... LOL
I wrote to the GG agent to send me my password, but it never happend.
This morning the light bulb went on, and here I am.
I can't stay long as I'm on my boys' computer,
which they really don't like as they are afraid
I'm going to crash theirs as well...
I hope I will be back up and running soon.
Love you all, Cesca

Comments (17)

my baby love writes:

I added you.... add me.... thanks

xlizzyx writes:

^^A Addie one plz!ty!^^

lagreeneyes69 writes:

Could I please get this with Martinez on it?

lagreeneyes69 writes:

Hi, I added you to my friends list, please add me too..I love your work!!

albion writes:

Oh and sorry for waisting your time but how do you make those glitter text things :) Do you do it on photoshop :) thanks again from francesca x

albion writes:

Hi, I'm asuming your name is francesca :) Well so is mine you know you are taking request well you do alot of text that say your name on it could you do me one :)x
If your not busy could it be glittery and in fancy writing thankyou for your time :) x

muslim_yana writes:

can i have this with Yana ?

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