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"The worst thing that happens to you can be the best thing for you, if you don't let it get the best of you."


Birthday: 1977-05-20
Joined: 2008-04-02
Location: Aloha

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Thank you to everyone visiting my page.
It's so sweet and kind to be greeted by my dear friends.
As of right now, I've decided to retire from psp.
It has been an incredible journey from 2007 up until 2019.
My top priority is getting well and doing other fun stuff
that have been slacking because of my love for psp.
That ended last year for me.
I have no motivation for making tags as I've lost interest in it.
But, I still buy psp tubes. Lol...
Have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you all.
God bless you and yours...
Thank you for the memories, laughter, tears, and your love..😍

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jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Ari,

Replying to both comments together with your oldest first:

Thanks for your new years wishes too :) Doing good here, praying all's well with you & yours also, thank you.
Glad your still here to change your profile & update your retirement from psp & that you'll still be visiting off & on, that's great to hear.
Aw, glad you didn't forget my birthday either, thanks for always remembering me on my special day, so sweet of you :)
Amen, it's okay, if you can't make anything for me, or if you feel up to it or not, as your health comes first.
I can't believe that much times went by either, it sure does fly.
No, the legal system seem to be dragging their feet where Jacob's adoption's concerned, but it looks like we're closer anyhow, will keep you & everyone posted as I find out more, thanks for asking.
Aw, thanks for saying that we'd be awesome parents to him, so kind of you to say.
Aw, going to miss you too, hope you'll continue to stay in touch when you have time. Thanks for letting me know that I can email you anytime, same here :)
Your welcome for my tags & thanks for all of the tags again that you've made me & for everything too Ari.
Just know you're an awesome sweet friend & dear to my heart too, thank you.
Much Luv & appreciation & hugs to you too..


Glad you got my october email. I hear ya on not going to Basima's site & that you got most of your tags from 2019 then.
Thanks for sending your new email addy & that you'll respond when your online again, much appreciated :)
LOL that your auto correct hates you, your too funny :)
Sure will stay in touch, thanks for doing the same...you will surely be missed :(

ty2003 writes:

this is Robbie I logged on
while Tyla was using my Computer, and used it in her
name, hence the message below to you Ari.
sorry for the confusion.

ty2003 writes:

Dar Ari I have just read your Update, how sad you
wont be around you will surely be missed my Friend.
I do hope you can still stop by now and then just to
say hi to us. I have loved your friendship and wish
you the best and hope you manage to sort our your
health problems too. Love & Hugs from Robbie xoxo
P.S. Thankyou so much for all of the Beautiful Tags
you have made for me over the Years, you have a great
Talent and I have loved each and everyone of them.

shakela writes:

Hello dearest Ari...Happy New Year! I pray that Christmas was a wonderful time for your family and you having had loads of fun and memories made!
I've been so tied up with many moments in my life that 2019 was a difficult one...a real roller coaster ride! I'm hoping and being positive about 2020 turning out to be a more splendid year not only for me but for you as well.
Thank you for being ever so patient with me...leaving me your love and friendship on my page whenever I'm gone too long. Thank you for the tags you make because it's a blessing to know that a friend is thinking of me and sweet enough to share her beautiful work with me...a blessing , indeed!
I wish you a year full of joy, peace, love, good health and prosperity. May there be blessings in abundance for your beautiful family and you. Take care, stay safe, enjoy your year and God bless.

XOXO ~ Shakela


shian writes:

I hope the new year is full of blessings 4 you & yours. I've enjoyed your friendship, hugs.. Shii ♥️

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Ari,

Wanted to stop by & say a big Thank You for all of the tags you made for me this past year & beyond :D Wishing you & your family to....

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi dear Ari,

I just read your update.... Hope you can stop by & visit when you can, as you & your work will be missed...If not here, then hopefully we can stay in touch through email :) I shall treasure our friendship always...Wishing you & your family a very....

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