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"Rewind the good times, fastforward the bad times, pause the drama, play the memories"


Birthday: 1992-10-05
Joined: 2010-11-14
Country: United Kingdom

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I specialise in anime avatars

My fave animes:
* Kiddy Grade
* Kiddy Girl-And
* Naruto and Naruto Shippuden
* Higurashi
* Death Note
* Elfen Lied
* Soul Eater
* Shugo Chara
* Deadman Wonderland

And a lot more

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purr & gurrs pet shop writes:

Happy Early Easter from Purr & Gurrs Pet Shop! We hope you enjoy your Easter, Find tons of Easter Eggs, and Eat a whole lot of Peeps! Have fun & The Coin Store is selling Springtime Pet's, but only for a limmited time! Click on the link below if you have coins from my shop.
the coin store

purr & gurrs pet shop writes:

Please don't adopt from the pet shop experts pet shop. she copied off of me and my dear friend payton. Along time ago when payton was about in third grade she made a pet shop and knew p&c pet shop who was run by a girl named Koda. Payton was only little back then, but didn't have any good ideas so she started copying her. P&C soon closed, but is now open once more. But the owner says she's Koda's sister, which I don't believe. Now there is this new shop called the pet shop experts and they copied all the jobs, rules, and even her FAQ page off of Payton. They copied all the foods and drinks Payton and I have, too. When Payton and me told Koda to stop it she denied her name was Koda, but said it was Koda's shop. We still believe it's Koda though, so please don't adopt there. Thanks!

purr & gurrs pet shop writes:

If you want to keep yoour job please do it.

purr & gurrs pet shop writes:

if you know how to make pets make some for the shop!

purr & gurrs pet shop writes:

i'm having so much trouble, but im not going to need the code now so i'll tell you when.

purr & gurrs pet shop writes:

ok and one more thing. which code do i copy?

purr & gurrs pet shop writes:

well thanks! and can you give me the link again?

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