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"Rewind the good times, fastforward the bad times, pause the drama, play the memories"


Birthday: 1992-10-05
Joined: 2010-11-14
Country: United Kingdom

Uploads: 672
Layouts: 0

╚╝╚╩╝╚╩╩╩╩╩═╝ LOVER

I specialise in anime avatars

My fave animes:
* Kiddy Grade
* Kiddy Girl-And
* Naruto and Naruto Shippuden
* Higurashi
* Death Note
* Elfen Lied
* Soul Eater
* Shugo Chara
* Deadman Wonderland

And a lot more

Comments (83)

manga sweet writes:

Hey, i added u as a friend. Nice graphics

purr & gurrs pet shop writes:

perfect! now how do i get the code.

purr & gurrs pet shop writes:

well that okay. just please make the profile graphic. it dosent have to be edible.

purrs & gurrs pokemon adoption writes:

do you know how cops have report folders? that's what i want. it has to say profile on the top though. if you can make it clickable so when you click on it it opens up so i can write various times in it and be able to change things that would be great. if it's possible let me know. please make profile in black or red. you will earn 6 coins.

미라 writes:

Okii thanks i added you back:]

purr & gurrs pet shop writes:

this is emo girl! instead of the panda make a graphic that says profile. thanks!

purrs & gurrs pokemon adoption writes:

can you make me a panda instead?

purr & gurrs pet shop writes:

if you don't answer back in 2 days then i will reassign the graphic request to someone else.

chocolat♥チョコレート writes:

i moved add me on my new account is on my idols:]

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