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" ♥ ♥εïз ♥ ♥ Hello Hola ♥ ♥εïз ♥ ♥ "


Birthday: 1965-05-28
Joined: 2008-10-19
Status: artist
Country: Mexico
Location: Texas

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shian writes:

I truly do love your work! I even made my hubby come look at them. He laughed and said they were adorable. Well done! Thank you.. take care ❥

nice guy writes:

Thank you so much for this
lovely graphic. I love it.

bambie writes:

Thankyou very much for this cute graphic I really love it
from Amber

bambie writes:

Thankyou very much for this Beautiful Graphic
From Amber

shonna writes:

Hi Elia thanks for stopping by doing okay I am back hoping all is going good with you just got the pc today slowly putting programs on and starting fresh hope you have a wonderful day and be safe and well most of all have fun....

lin60 writes:

Well hello there my friend, so sorry I have not been here in a bit, but back at school teaching like crazy and enjoying this school year so much! Haley entered the 9th grade and is growing and maturing so fast, scary, but thankfully my granddaughter is a good girl. I miss all of you and am here to change my page and answer your hellos and to thank those that made me graphics in my absence. THANK YOU!!!! Well summer is almost over (lol I live in Florida, summer seems to go on and on), but the calendar says Autumn is right around the corner and that I am waiting patiently for. Love the "BER" months!!! So until we meet again, I love you, my friend s here at GG and miss you when I am not here..Just know I will never ever leave GG!!! HUGGSS

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