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Birthday: 1981-05-27
Joined: 2007-01-15
Country: United Kingdom

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Hi I'm Sam im 30 this month yes the BIG 30 - scary lol, i havent been on here for a long time as i lost all my files when my last pc broke.
I know have a new pc and am starting to get my files back again and trying to remember how to do things - my memory is pants lol.

So wat to tell about me.... well i'm 29 yrs old and have a gorgeous little girl who is 4 she is called Sienna. Any graphics in her name are gratefully received as she loves to look at them.

I love doin the aspect of graphics that you see in my gallery however i am learning more - slowly.

One last fing i love disney - which is why i tend 2 make lots of graphics using disney characters

I would like to say thankyou to those great pals on here who have done graphics with mine and sienna's name on for me.... so

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shian writes:

hope this Christmas morning finds you warm and cozy.. God Bless You & Yours. Merry Christmas 🎄

shian writes:

Even tho its been years and years yes i remember you ☺ and i also saw your message on my Jaxx page. Hope all is well with you.

kungzaab writes:

i add u to frnd, plz add me back...thanx...

xlizzyx writes:

Hey doing a fall cleaning,
for those who are inactive,
if you plan on returning
& would like me to re-add you,
just send me a comment
letting me know, thanks :)

Have a great day :)


ladiva14 writes:

Time To Get Busy Cleaning!
• • •
Hello My Dear GG Friend I'm Doing A "Spring Cleaning"
If Your Wish To Remain On My Friends List (I Hope You Do)
Please Send Me A Message By The End Of This Month.
My New June Page Will Be Going Up On June 1st &
Those Who Have Not Replied Will Be Removed...
• • •
Hoping To Hear From You:
Jiovanna ♥
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