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"Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul β€” and you answer. 🎨"


Birthday: 1968-12-06
Joined: 2015-07-09
Status: artist
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Nature πŸ€πŸŒΊπŸ’πŸŒΉπŸŒ·πŸŒΌπŸ„

Uploads: 1355
Layouts: 0

Huge thanks and love to Art With Flo for mentioning me and my art in her video, I'm so ecstatically happy, she is so lovely and a massive inspiration for me, thank you Flo!

Comments (2007)

shian writes:

Just thinking of you, hope your doing okay. I think we should allll plan to eat to much on Thanksgiving and enjoy our families being nearby. Hugs, Shii β₯

shakela writes:

Hi there Gina...thank you for stopping by my page with your sweet message...truly appreciate you doing so. I wish I could do the same but with too many things to look into most days, I don't seem to be able to do so and for that, I'm sincerely sorry!
No problems on voting and commenting on your tags...it's a real pleasure doing so on beautiful work! How's the selling of your house coming a long or have you already sold your property? I've seen your artwork on FB and I think it's awesome...you truly are one talented lady, my sweet Gina!
I pray that the passing days find your beautiful family and you in good spirits and great health as well! Love your beautiful page.
Just sprinkling some love onto your page and letting you know that you're never far from my thoughts! Take care, enjoy the rest of your weekend and God bless.

XOXO ~ Shakela


brennybren writes:

Hello Gina :) β™₯
Made you an Autumn bunny :D
it's a little thank you for your birthday wishes to me on Facebookβ™₯
Have a lovely week ahead :)
Love & hugs to you β™₯

connie gayle writes:

love it thank you sweetie

connie gayle writes:

Hi Connie, I just wanted to thank you for calling by and voting on my graphic and for your request, I've uploaded your Loves It graphic and it's just awaiting moderator approval sweetheart. I'm so sorry to read about your Dad being poorly, keeping you in my thoughts and sending you lots of love and hugs xoxo

hi gina thank you .. yes . it is.. pray for my dad and me
hugs, connie xoxox

connie gayle writes:

vote and comment
i wonder you can CONNIE

jane writes:

Hi Gina, how are you? I had to come by and Thank You for this totally adorably cute graphic. That dog I love, I have 3 Chihuahuas maybe that is why, lol. You did an awesome job as always, love your work. I'm not sure if you are still making those FB graphics for friends on your always list, but I was getting them and now that I don't go to FB very often, am I missing them or did you stop doing that? I'd hate to miss anything you made for me. Please let me know if I need to get to FB to collect any masterpieces. Have an awesome day, Big Hugs, Jane Thanks again for this tag...

jczbabydoll writes:

So Beautiful...thanks for making one of these for me Gina, will get plenty of use out of it, starting today, I Love It :)

Replying to your comment too:

Hi sweet Gina,

Cool that here, I know it's been awhile, welcome back :) Jeff & I are both doing good & are having a pretty nice weekend so far, hope you & your family are too, thanks :) Your welcome for my request for your loves it tag, thanks again for making it for me, much appreciated.

Glad it's cooled down for you there now, it's been alot cooler here too with temps in the mid 50's in the day to low 30's at nite...we had one of, if not thee hottest & most humid summers, I ever remember on record, it seemed like this season was never going to get here, so it's been a huge relief for us, along with not having the bugs too, & we don't miss them at all....
That's nice that your mom made a knitted blanket that lil' Eddie uses.
We're doing good, hope your okay too & that you enjoy your weekend...Lots of Luv to you & your family also...


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