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"You can mimic a result, but not the creativity πŸ€ͺ"


Birthday: 1968-12-06
Joined: 2015-07-09
Status: artist
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Nature πŸ€πŸŒΊπŸ’πŸŒΉπŸŒ·πŸŒΌπŸ„

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shian writes:

Good Morning My friend..
I remember you telling me about your health and thats why i asked you to ignore the previous requests. I didnt want you to feel pressure especially if your not feeling good. I do understand. Completly. Donnie and i are both dissabled and live in non-stop pain. I have fought cancer and am still here. Thank God!
I do know about graphix being one of the things that helps take your mind off of it. I am the same. If your up for them great 😊 but dont you dare let me put too much on ya. i love your work but care about how you are much more. Okay? I'm here if you need an ear. Anytime. You take care now you hear? Hugs.. Shii β₯

shian writes:

Hey There Hon.. how are you? You've been on my mind and the more I've thought about how busy you are.. the more i think i just have too many active requests. As busy as you are.. i decided to have you delete every pending request before this comment. Okay? i hate the thot of putting pressure on you. So.. if THIS is the ONLY requests from me.. hopefully you wont feel overwhelmed on my account. I went thru my requests & picked my favorites.
1st. I saw the newest Birthday graphic (dark haired in blue hoodie) you made and i just love it! If you can do that one with Shian or Shii on it but no happy birthday.. its really awesome.
Anyway.. if your NOT Taking requests on the 1st one.. the the bottom two would be fine since they're both adorable too.
2nd. The cute valentine's day blonde cartoon with the hip movement. soo cute 😊 i think Shii would work the best but either or.
3rd. And last, Cute in Pink is one of the ones i requested. I think it's very sweet & could be used at Valentine's day or anytime. I think i want the non animated simply so my page won't have to work too hard on animations. I think Shian would be best on this one but i leave it all in your hands. If you think Shii would be better then that's good too.
No rush, whenever you next feel like working on graphix. Hope your doing well my friend. Take Care Now.. Hugs.. Shii β₯

jczbabydoll writes:

W-O-W....So Pretty in Pink..., thanks for thinking of me with this sweet surprise Gina, & your birthday wishes also, it's going straight to my page, I Love It :)

Replying to your comment too:

Glad you got to get out & enjoy a long walk with your dog, & that it did you alot of good. That's okay for the mistake, been there, done that too, so no worries...it turned out beautifully, thanks for going the extra mile in tweaking it, much appreciated :) All's good here, hope it is your way also...Cool, I sure do appreciate you waiting for me to reply back, will try & get to it hopefully later today or sometime next week, thanks again. Aw, your welcome for using your background, I was looking for something that represented winter, cupcakes & some of my favorite colors, & lastly valentine's day, so thought this one was perfect & had it picked out awhile ago, so thanks again for making it, it's Beautiful..., I Love It :) Love your page too, keep up the great work..I hear ya, as I enjoy all of the valentine's day colors too. Yea, I thought you shared that spring is your favorite season...I sure am happy with my gift & it's okay, thanks again for fixing it. I'm proudly displaying it on my page now, it matches perfectly..., thanks again :) Luv ya too sweetie. Had a great friday, hope you did also... & that you...

jczbabydoll writes:

Hey again Gina,

I just noticed that the Beautiful graphic you made for me has 2 names on it:

so I had to remove it, as soon as you fix it, it'll be approved, sorry I didn't catch it sooner, it's too early...lol....

Much Luv,

jczbabydoll writes:

W-O-W.....So Beautiful...thanks so much for thinking of me sweet Gina, it's on my page now & I Love It :)
Also got your email, have been busy, but will reply asap, thank you :)

Hope you have a sweet...


shian writes:

i think this one is just too cute. If and only if, you find yourself with the free time to work on a few requests.. i think this would look great with Shii on it 😊 hugs .. Shii β₯

nice guy writes:

This is great. I love it.
Kindly do this for me with
my name .. "Jaya" on it.
Thank you.

shian writes:

your valentine's day graphic is lovely. I know your terribly busy so I'm going to ask if your Taking requests. If so i would love one of these. Hugs Hon,
Shii β₯

fran writes:

Hello Angel,
WOW!! What a gorgeous page and I absolutely love your avatar too! Outstanding job Sweetie!
May I have this beautiful tag, if you're taking request, please? I'm just lovin' it and it would be perfect when I change my page to a Valentine theme.
Wishing you a beautiful weekend Angel.
Love you,

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