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"You can mimic a result, but not the creativity πŸ€ͺ"


Birthday: 1968-12-06
Joined: 2015-07-09
Status: artist
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Nature πŸ€πŸŒΊπŸ’πŸŒΉπŸŒ·πŸŒΌπŸ„

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Comments (1856)

mystyhaze21 writes:

Hey sis,
I love your page theme! I'm leaving the tag I made you incase you missed it! Love you!

shakela writes:

Hello Doll...I had a great time on my birthday and appreciate you for leaving me your beautiful tag with your sweet wishes. Here's a little gift with my heartfelt thanks. Hope you like it. Sending loads of love your way, sweets. Enjoy the rest of your week. Take care and God bless.

XOXO ~ Shakela


lin60 writes:

Hello and happy today! Wishing you a warm yet wonderful today and a pleasant and happy today!!! HUGGSS

connie gayle writes:

Connie, I can't thank you enough for this beautiful graphic, I really do love this and will be using it in a profile theme very soon ... Thank you so much for thinking of me and for being so sweet and making this, it really is beautiful and I'm very grateful ... Thank you sweetheart xoxoxo

hi gina, you are very welcome sweetie.. yes i am so excited to make text name that s why.. big hugs/love connie xoxoxo

connie gayle writes:

so love it.. thank you sweetie

nice guy writes:

Thank you for this lovely graphic.
It is nice and I love it.
Great Job also.

connie gayle writes:

Hi Connie, I noticed the absolutely beautiful Valentine name graphics you have made, like this one below, I voted and I was wondering if you would mind making me one please? Only if you don't mind and have the time to as I would really love one, it's so stunning and pretty .... Lots of love to you xoxoxo

hi gina, thank you sweetie.. yes approve soon big hugs/ love connie xoxo

shian writes:

i wanted to be sure i mentioned that i liked the NON ANIMATED Christmas one and the ANIMSTED Girl in pink. I just saw her today on your page. Toooo cute! Dont forget Gina.. there is NEVER a rush with me. Your life is busy and i refuse to add 2 the pressure. So. The next time you FEEL like working on graphix i would love these. Hmm.. having Shii on them would be nice too. Have a blessed day β™‘

shian writes:

i have always LOVED your work. I will always remember you for the lovely graphix you make my friend. Hope your holidays were full of blessings. Take Care & God Blessβ₯

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