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"It's not always rainbows and butterflies; it's comprimise that moves us along.---She Will Be Loved, Maroon 5"


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Tinkerbell is my girl. Harry Potter is my anti-drug, well it would have been had I been younger when it came out. . .Wiccan/Pagan graphics always interest me as do truly funny items. As in funny, I'm talking the Farside Funny! I do "do" Neopets, I'll admit it. And MySpace is a sick addiction of mine, which I'm sure that none of you share. ;)

Also, it needs to be said here and now, that all my posts are to the best of my knowledge free to the public and not copyrighted.

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shian writes:

I removed you since you havnt been here in years. If you come back come and visit and ill re-add you. Happy 4th of july

pinkie pie writes:

Hello Daaaaling!!! :)

harukane writes:

Hello there ^-^ Have a great day ;D

ladyrae writes:

Sρяιиɢ Clɛαиιиɢ Ƭιмɛ!!

Ѳиcɛ Aɢαιи Ɩт'ƨ Ƭнαт Ƭιмɛ & Ɩ'ℓℓ βɛ Ǥσιиɢ
Ƭнʋя Mʏ Ғяιɛи∂ƨ ˩ιƨт & Ɖɛℓɛтɛιиɢ Ƭнσƨɛ Ɯнσ
Ɖσи'т Яɛρσиɛ∂ Ƭσ Ƭнιƨ Mɛƨƨαɢɛ Ɩ Ɯιℓℓ Sтαят
Ɖɛℓɛтιиɢ Aρяιl 1ƨт βʋт Ĵʋƨт βɛcαʋƨɛ Ɩ Ɖɛℓɛтɛ
Ɖσƨɛи'т мɛαи Aиʏтнιиɢ Ɩғ Ƴσʋ Cσмɛ βαcκ Aи∂
Ɯαит Ƭσ βɛ Ғяιɛи∂ƨ Aɢαιи Ɯɛ Mσƨт Ɖɛғαитℓʏ
Cαи βɛ Ĵʋƨт ˩ɛт Ѧɛ Ƙиσω Ѳи Mʏ Ƥαɢɛ.

With TONS of LOVE,

ladyrae writes:

Just stoppin' by to wish you
a safe & fun Halloween!

ladyrae writes:

Hello my dear frinds!

I'm wirting this because I would like you to all
send me you birthdays so that I can send you
wishies on that day please & thank you for working
with me.
And if you would send it back with the following please

*Real name
*user name

Hugs & Blessings from Rachel V.

ladyrae writes:

Have a Lovely day!

Hugs & Blessings from

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