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"Always loving my Husband & Dog."


Birthday: 1977-02-01
Joined: 2007-01-03
Country: United States
Location: Wherever there is glitter :D

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I have been loving life as Theron's wife since 2001 & I am a proud Basset Hound mama Flash. I am a Basset Hound fanatic & love Snoopy too! I am always working on making new jewelry creations in Halo's Dream Creations. I enjoy cooking, writing, coloring in my Mandala books & playing on G.G. I am proud to say I animated & glittered my Basset Hound background & am making graphics too!

I love music & I am a lifelong hula hoop dancer. I like to dance like no one is watching! I miss hula hoop dancing in the Winter.

*Remember that Jesus is the reason for the Season!*

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jessicarose writes:

Hi Jessi, thanks 4 the add, I added u back. So nice to meet u! :)

shakela writes:

Hi Jessi...thanks for stopping by my page. You're most welcome on loving your page. I just changed my winter page to a Christmas one. I had the winter page much earlier since I know there's no chance of putting up a winter one come Christmas. After Christmas will be New Year's, then my birthday then it's going to be Valentine's. Maybe in between there's a chance for winter...let's see how it goes.
Aww...how wonderful of you to love my work...so appreciate your sweet ways, Jessi! There are some amazing sites that you can go to for free clipart.
The FreeSite.com is one, pixabay another; freepik is also good, mycutegraphics, clker.com just to name a few. Try these and I'm sure you'll like them. Take care and remain blessed.

XOXO ~ Shakela

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Jessi,

Replying to all of your comments together:

Thanks, we had a great time at my sisters yesterday, celebrating christmas a little early with them & the rest of the family. We did finally finish all of the christmas shopping yesterday, just had a few gift cards to pick up & some other errands to run, thanks for asking. Your welcome for your surprise gift, so glad you love it :)
Aw, I think that graphic is super cute & the way you animated it, is Great :) I'd go ahead & upload & offer it for request, thanks for asking :) Had a good nite, hope you did too, thanks. Also hope your enjoying a....

Happy sunday, have a blessed day! :)


shakela writes:

Hello Jessi...glad you found the Christmas tag and also that you love it. Thanks for the request and enjoy the tag. Love your page. Hope your weekend is going good. Take care and God bless.



brennybren writes:

Hi Jessi :)
I was watching the Fox and the Hound the other day, (for the 10th+ time over the years, I adore Disney animation movies)
and Copper made me think of Flash :D
and you of course ;) hope you like it ♥
Have a lovely day and hope all three of you are well n happy.
xox ♥ xox

shian writes:

i made you a lil graphic this morning. When i saw this photo of the type of dog you like.. i just knew it was for you. I just uploaded it, so it should be available soon.. (((hugs))) Shii ❥

arianne5 writes:

Let us update our GOALS for today!

Made a graphic
Talked to a New Friend
Sharing Life
The Last Place you traveled?
And Tell me your 1 Goal for today. ;)

Hi! How was your day? No matter how tough things are, I have so much faith in you. You inspire me through your graphics. Always remember, You are lovely and will be okay. I hope you will have a good week. Glad I still have time to online my profile and be updated to you. Thank you for making time for me. I feel safe and happy to chat with you. Do you plan to travel soon? (for example like flying air, voyaging sea/ocean)

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