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"Always loving my Husband & Dog."


Birthday: 1977-02-01
Joined: 2007-01-03
Country: United States
Location: Wherever there is glitter :D

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Mood: Sore & old.

In my business, Halo's Dream Creations, I am making new jewelry creations: Seashell necklaces, key chains, bead bracelets, dangle earrings, bead book marks & bead sun catchers. I am also writing a romance novel called, Summer Love. I enjoy coloring Mandala pictures as well. I like to live my life colorful & love bling.

I love music & I am a lifelong hula hoop dancer. I like to dance like no one is watching.

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lin60 writes:

Hello and happy day to you. Here we are at the end of yet another week. Wow time sure does go by fast, right? Well I have been getting a lot done on my mini vaca from school Today I am off to explore my many totes filled with holiday ornaments and other decor that I will use to decorate for this years holiday season. YES I am an early decorator for I love the holiday minus halloween, so I go right into Christmas and this way it lasts longer!! LOL.. So in the meantime, have a beautiful weekend, make memories!! xoxox

Such a cute page!!!

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Jessi,

Yea, Jeff just got a job offer that he might take that pays more, not sure yet, thanks again for your well wishes.
Have you heard of Sophia's wings? Yea, it was touch & go there for awhile, so glad she is out of harms way.
Glad the weather is to your liking now also.
I like keeping track of all of the birthstones of each month, I believe the other one for october is opal, which is also so pretty & reminds me of iridescent, thanks again for the compliment on my page, it's a nice change between the richer colors of the autumn season :) Like your background change also. Love the cute scripture graphic you signed with too, thanks for sharing :)
Have a great day...Happy Friday :)


P.S. Well, I usually make all of the graphics on my page clicky, & Belle made me the "Be your own kind of beautiful" tag, I'm sure she'd be happy to make one for ya too :)

jane writes:

I'm stopping by with a quick Good Night. I'm not going to bed yet but lots to do n computer before bed. I hope you had a super day and a relaxing evening. I'm tired tonight, took Sadie my Puggle to the Vet, she had one of her nails curl and went into her pad, looked so sore and she kept licking it. She is on a med for pain and one for infection. She hates riding in the car and whined the whole way there, oh my ears! Next time Bella, our other puggle goes, her nipple looks like it has something growing on it. I hope it's not a mammary tumor, keep Bella in your prayers if you would. Well, I must get moving. Thanks for listening to me ramble on and on. Feels good sometimes to let it all out, lol. Have a great night, watch out for those bedbugs. Hugs

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Jessi,

That's okay, we have faith that all will work out the way it's suppose too. Thanks for your well wishes for him to find something before too long. Your welcome, thanks again for your request :)
Aw, that you got saved after you lost your first baby...I thought of you & my sister, as well as others who have lost babies when I heard about "Sophia's wings" on tv, that it's for those who have lost babies & which is ironic, since my sister's babies name is Sophia & she had a twin that passed away when they were both born premature, his name was Seth. Sophia only weighed 1 lb. 9 oz. when she was born last march, but she is thriving & growing like a weed now, thank God..., we call her our little precious miracle baby.
The weather is to my liking now, thanks. Hope your enjoying the season. Glad your having a good day & I am too.
Thanks for the compliment on my page, I decided to go with pink, since it's one of October's birthstones, as well as one of my favorite colors & also breast cancer awareness month. Although I'm not into halloweeen, like the bright colors for your page.

brennybren writes:

Hi Jessi :)
I was watching the Fox and the Hound the other day, (for the 10th+ time over the years, I adore Disney animation movies)
and Copper made me think of Flash :D
and you of course ;) hope you like it ♥
Have a lovely day and hope all three of you are well n happy.
xox ♥ xox

shian writes:

i made you a lil graphic this morning. When i saw this photo of the type of dog you like.. i just knew it was for you. I just uploaded it, so it should be available soon.. (((hugs))) Shii ❥

arianne5 writes:

Let us update our GOALS for today!

Made a graphic
Talked to a New Friend
Sharing Life
The Last Place you traveled?
And Tell me your 1 Goal for today. ;)

Hi! How was your day? No matter how tough things are, I have so much faith in you. You inspire me through your graphics. Always remember, You are lovely and will be okay. I hope you will have a good week. Glad I still have time to online my profile and be updated to you. Thank you for making time for me. I feel safe and happy to chat with you. Do you plan to travel soon? (for example like flying air, voyaging sea/ocean)

jane writes:

Thanks for stopping by Jessi. Yes my Monday was great. I figure any day you wake up, it's a great day unless we ruin it for ourselves. God gives us a chance every morning to start anew and make our lives what we want them to be. I am Blessed, my home, my husband, my kids, my grandkids, my pets and my Friends I've made on GG and FB and even some dating back to Myspace days. So I have no reason to complain or think my day is anything but Great. I hope yours is as well.If you have Family and Friends and Pets, it's a great life, right? Well, I'm off to finish making some graphics, I uplo0aded quite a few earlier but guess they won't be out till tomorrow. Take care Jessi, Hug Flash for me. He is so darn cute, I'd love to hug him. But you will have to do it for me. Have a great night and wake up to a Glorious morning. Love ya, big hugs
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