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"Always loving my Husband & Dog."


Birthday: 1977-02-01
Joined: 2007-01-03
Country: United States
Location: Wherever there is glitter :D

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God is my anchor! My dh Theron floats my boat! Flash is my cute, sweet & funny Basset Hound! He is my pride & joy, my little boy! I love animals & am a dog sitter.
I enjoy nature, the ocean & going to the Park on nice days!
Spring & Summer are my favorite seasons.
Purple, pink, teal & rainbow are my favorite colors.

I am a lifelong hula hoop dancer. I love music & I absolutely love to dance with my LED hula hoop!

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jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Jessi,

Yes, Jeff got a call from the guy he ran into at the store the other day while he was out at his mom's helping her & his sister painting & fixing their house.
He told me to have Jeff call him as soon as he could. So I called him asap & he told him to call that he was going to put a good word in for him & to call in again & talk to someone there that he already did to let them know he was still interested & that he should hear something hopefully by today or tomorrow, thanks for asking :)
That's okay that you've been mia, life keeps us busy, so no worries, glad your back.
Cool that you have another roommate & that he use to work with Theron before, never heard of kilns either, lol..That's nice that you offered him a place to stay, since he needed one, glad he's been a life saver to you & that he adores Flash too. That's cute that he gave him a nickname...ears, I could see how it would fit him perfectly, since basset hounds have long ears, lol :) That's great that Ben is your new best friend :)
I think that's a good idea to do foster care, since you've been helping out others with a place to stay. I'm sure Theron will be on board with it.
Jeff & I are doing pretty good, & enjoyed the weekend too, hope you & Theron have also, thank you!

Luv & Hugs,

jane writes:

Jessi, when you get done the collar for Flash, let me see it on FB if you would. I have a couple that need new ones and if I can pay you for them, much better than a store. It would need to be real strong though for our Shepherd Ginger, a pink for her I'd love. Will it be just a regular collar or can you put a ring on tight for leash when walking? Keep me up to date if you would. Hugs

brennybren writes:

Hi Jessi :)
I was watching the Fox and the Hound the other day, (for the 10th+ time over the years, I adore Disney animation movies)
and Copper made me think of Flash :D
and you of course ;) hope you like it ♥
Have a lovely day and hope all three of you are well n happy.
xox ♥ xox

arianne5 writes:

Let us update our GOALS for today!

Made a graphic
Talked to a New Friend
Sharing Life
The Last Place you traveled?
And Tell me your 1 Goal for today. ;)

Hi! How was your day? No matter how tough things are, I have so much faith in you. You inspire me through your graphics. Always remember, You are lovely and will be okay. I hope you will have a good week. Glad I still have time to online my profile and be updated to you. Thank you for making time for me. I feel safe and happy to chat with you. Do you plan to travel soon? (for example like flying air, voyaging sea/ocean)

jane writes:

Thanks for stopping by Jessi. Yes my Monday was great. I figure any day you wake up, it's a great day unless we ruin it for ourselves. God gives us a chance every morning to start anew and make our lives what we want them to be. I am Blessed, my home, my husband, my kids, my grandkids, my pets and my Friends I've made on GG and FB and even some dating back to Myspace days. So I have no reason to complain or think my day is anything but Great. I hope yours is as well.If you have Family and Friends and Pets, it's a great life, right? Well, I'm off to finish making some graphics, I uplo0aded quite a few earlier but guess they won't be out till tomorrow. Take care Jessi, Hug Flash for me. He is so darn cute, I'd love to hug him. But you will have to do it for me. Have a great night and wake up to a Glorious morning. Love ya, big hugs

ladyrae writes:


I miss you here but it's so nice to see you on FB.
Just wanted to come by and bring sunshine to you.

Hugs & Blessings,

Rachel a.k.a Ladyrae

lakaren writes:

Hi Jessi ☺
Did you notice that alot of our friends just don't bother to come in here anymore..?..
I think its sad :(
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