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"Live simply, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly, & leave the rest up to God..."


Birthday: 1963-02-18
Joined: 2008-03-28
Status: moderator
Country: United States
Location: Heavenbound

Uploads: 15132
Layouts: 0

For those of you who want to know
the artist's that don't allow their work on GG,
here is a list of them, with a new one recently added,
including two others that has changed at end of list:

Anne Geddes
IMVU Dolls
Mary Engelbreit
MetoYou Bears
Peanuts Characters ~ leaving what's here, till further notice.
Playboy logo
Pon and Zi
Precious Moments
Ruth &/or Bill Moorehead
Sanrio Characters including (Hello Kitty)
Any future Disney (including Winnie the Pooh & friends)
& also Betty Boop graphics/tags made will need copyright
symbol added, thanks :)

I Love tagmaking & have been
a member of a copyright compliant
tagging group outside of GG since 2006.
Love my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ
I'm a Christian under construction
as well as a wedding decorator/consultant.
I'm happily married to the love of my life

& we're looking forward to adopting our soon to be son:

January Birthdays

Christy ~ 11th
Shakela ~ 11th
Belle ~ 17th

February Birthdays

Jessi ~ 1st
Olesya ~ 3rd
Pami ~ 18th
Leah ~ 21st
Tonya ~ 23rd

Comments (31)

dinster writes:

Hi Pami...
It's been forever since I've been here.
I'm thinking of retiring from PSP. It's been fun, but am thinking of other things in my life now, regarding my health.
I'm praying for a miracle. Please pray for me.As I do for you and yours...
How are you? Hope all's well with you and yours...
Congrats on having a son, Jacob. I prayed that God would grant you a child Pami. It has come to pass in God's time. I'm happy for you and Jeff. God has blessed you and yours...
I love and miss you...🥰
You're a sweet person. One of the amazing tagger's I admire and love your tags...
God bless...😘 I'll try to email you soon Pami...
Hugs and xoxo,

gina101 writes:

Good evening my sweetheart Pami,

I'm so sorry I haven't been in contact in such a long time. I've been taking a break from GG and spending less time online in general in preparation for the house move. I've been spending my free time painting and learning different art skills, just been trying to work hard trying to improve.

I see you have some wonderful news and I am so happy for you and Jeff, I promise I will email you back next week sometime as I plan on coming back and spending a bit more time online. I will explain more in private but I just want to thank you for being so concerned for me, I really appreciate it and you very much. I do miss you sweetheart and your beautiful designs.

I really hope all's great for you and Jeff and I so look forward to catching up with you very soon.

All my love and best wishes to you,

Gina xoxoxo

anaterium writes:

♥Hello Pami♥

Thanks to you and sorry for taking long to be around again, just a lot is happening with our little family but keeping a good attitude is key :-)

Congratulations for your son Jacob and also for your anniversary dear,enjoy every moment♥

have a great Thursday my friend, take care and we talk soon.

joy4christ writes:

Hello Jesus-Sister!!!😁❤️

How are you? I just read about Jacob!! That’s so awesome! I pray the adoption goes quickly for you. What a precious heart you have. The heart of a true mama.☺️

I just logged in and found the beautiful graphic you made for my birthday!!! Thank you SO much. 🤗🤗 And for listing me on your page!
My birthday is actually July 8th, but it always has it as August 7th!🙈
Thank you so much for thinking of me and taking the time to make this.🙏🏻 I’ve been going through a hard time lately, so this means all the more.❤️

Hope you have a blessed weekend!


babygirl303 writes:

your family is in my thoughts and prayers and congrats so excited for you and your husband

shian writes:

Congratulations on your son, my younger brothers named Jacob. Its a good Christian name. Sounds like you 2 have been truly blessed. Will keep you in my thoughts & prayers, hugs.. Shii ❥
Ps. Your page is beautiful Pami..

shakela writes:

Hello Pami...oh WOW...I've missed so much being away too long. I can see that your weekend went extremely well and that your lovely family and you are all doing great. It's pretty clear that all the 3 of you are so abundantly blessed and make a beautiful family together...I'm so happy for all of you! May God continue to shower His blessings upon you all!
Well, here I am once again coming by to leave some love on your page. Though now, I'm not here as regularly as I once use to be...I've not forgotten my GG friends and I do my best to come by whenever I can, just to stay in touch and say hello!
Well, I'm sure the summer season must be extremely hot and the sea or the swimming pool must all look so inviting. I'd love to have ice creams now and then...too much isn't good for the health but then again who can avoid cold stuff during the hot climate...LOL!!
Anyway, Pami dear...thank you for stopping by my page...appreciate it! I wish Jeff, Jacob and you splendid days ahead and that all things happy come through your doorway. Take care, have a cool summer and God bless.

XOXO ~ Shakela


redgiant writes:

Pami, thanks again & again for visiting my page and leave some wonderful messages as always.
Understand the things that you’re going thro’ but don’t worry as the almighty always test his followers but never let them down..
Jeff & you’re a blessed couple and Jacob will be with you for ever..
If I am not wrong the wedding anniversary will be in Aug and this may happen as a happy wedding day present..
Have a nice weekend..

~*belle*~ writes:

I just read your exciting news, that's so wonderful Pami...I'm really happy for you all!!! God Bless your little family...and may nothing but love & happiness lie ahead for you all!!!
Much Love & Blessings,
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