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"Live simply, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly, & leave the rest up to God..."


Birthday: 1963-02-18
Joined: 2008-03-28
Status: moderator
Country: United States
Location: Heavenbound

Uploads: 13975
Layouts: 0

For those of you who want to know
the artist's that don't allow their work on GG,
here is a list of them, with a new one recently added,
including two others that has changed at end of list:

Anne Geddes
IMVU Dolls
Mary Engelbreit
MetoYou Bears
Peanuts Characters ~ leaving what's here, till further notice.
Playboy logo
Pon and Zi
Precious Moments
Ruth &/or Bill Moorehead
Sanrio Characters including (Hello Kitty)
Any future Disney (including Winnie the Pooh & friends)
& also Betty Boop graphics/tags made will need copyright
symbol added, thanks :)

I Love tagmaking & have been
a member of a copyright compliant
tagging group outside of GG since 2006.
Love my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ,
I'm a Christian under construction,
as well as a wedding decorator/consultant.
I'm happily married to the Love of my life

June Birthdays

Shonna ~ 4th
Ginny ~ 7th
Aggela ~ 21st

Comments (14)

aruby1977 writes:

Hi again! Pami, I am going in another direction with paintbrush graphics therefore I am requesting removal of the following graphics. I think this is the final group that I will be replacing soon and much appreciated!!!!












aruby1977 writes:

Hey Pami, I am making revisions on some dividers and requesting removal of graphics I made a rough draft of. Thank you as always and hugs!










melissa writes:

Hello, Pami! I wanted to stop by and wish you a wonderful weekend and thank you for your friendship. I appreciate the comments you leave on my page and the very kind ones you leave for my graphics and your votes. I am not able to be on here as much as I’d like, but I am trying to keep it steady this time! I wish I had more time to make graphics. Being here again has encouraged me to spend time, especially when I am under a lot stress or pressure, to relax and try relearning a lot I have forgot in PSP. The talent at Glitter Graphics is amazing! I have never seen so many talented artists in one place. It is such an inspiration to see the beautiful work on your graphics, your pages, and comments. The friendship among everyone here is one of the very best things about Glitter Graphics! I have always felt so welcomed.

I have made a 4th of July graphic for several of you that I have made for in the past, those who have created graphics for me, and everyone who has been so kind to me. I will happily make one for anyone here who would like one that I may not know. I look forward to meeting many more of you. Sorry for such a long wall of text, but I just wanted to say thank you for making me feel at home and sharing your wonderful talent with me.

I hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend! Thank you again.

halo42101 writes:

Good afternoon, Pami! Thanks for your hope that Theron gets the delivery driving position at Domino's. That's cool you guys love their pizza too! :)
That sounds fun having dinner, swimming & visiting with your nephews as well while they were there. :) I am glad to see you enjoyed the time with your family.
You are welcome for the compliment on your page & for loving your fireworks backgrounds. You are welcome for me using one of the backgrounds & dividers too! I love them! I have decided to go with the 4th of July theme also since it's coming so fast & the 4th is one of my favorite celebrations during the year.
Thanks for loving my new display of my work. No, one is a paracord bracelet I made. Another is a Christopher Reeves lanyard & the others are soda tab lanyards on a key chain. Mine are popular here now. :) I will share a picture of the ribbon book mark that I made later. I love using it! I am going to make more when I get more ribbon. I am currently working on making more dangly earrings.
Thanks for your hope that I have a great Summer season since it's my favorite. :) I hope you do too!
Thank you also for your wish for me & my family to have a happy Friday & weekend. Wishing you & your family the same! :)
God bless you & Jeff!

melissa writes:

Hey, Pami. I have tried uploading a few of the graphics to be sure they were okay and it is not taking them. Do they have to be under a certain size, like 985 kb (just an example). I have reduced them down twice and am afraid if I do more it will mess the graphic up. The one I loaded last night I had no problem with at all. However, for some reason if was a smaller size. I can't figure out why. If you can help me, I would really appreciate it. I know you're busy, so if you can't I can wait til later. Thanks again.

jane writes:

Hi Pami, had a minute and had to stop by to say Hello. I have been so busy at home, be evening when I usually get on GG, I have been falling asleep with tv on. I no sooner get done mowing all the property and weed whacking around everything to make it look nice and a day later I have to start again. Hubby better get his tractor running soon, I told him, like before, I do the front and you do the back. Hope he hurries before I collapse, lol. No, it's not so bad, I do get enough walking in that is for sure, thought I'd be dropping some pounds but no, of course not. I feel better getting outside though, as Dr. told me my Vitamin D was way too low. I'm on pills for it but now being outside so much, I probably won't be on them long. I do pay for the walking and controlling the mower on slopes and holding up a heavy weed whacker, my muscles hurt so bad and my arthritis is hurting more. I use a salve I got in Ohio, it is mentholated smelling and I love it and it works too. Oh well enough about me. I hope you and Jeff are doing well and enjoying some nice weather as we are. Well today it rained a bit but the plants need it. I'm off now to thaw something for dinner. I think it's a chicken day, cooked in cream of chicken and cream of celery soup with mashed potatoes and some fresh green beans. Yep, sounds good to me. Oh I love your page, I haven't had time to make one yet and not sure what to do but the 4th and my BD might be next combined. Well you take care Pami and enjoy your day. Talk soon, Hugs

melissa writes:

Thank you, Pami. I am glad I didn't upload all of them and then you have to remove them. Yes, you are absolutely getting one! Hoping I can redo the names quick enough to get them uploaded before 10:00. I am at work, so I may not get that done. Thank you again. Hope you've had a super week! Your page is great!
Hugs, Melissa

keas_sister writes:

Thanks so much Pami for putting the Memorial Day graphic in the right category for me! I appreciate it. I did change out the cookie poser on the other graphic. Thanks for letting me know! You do an excellent job for this site! Hugs & Love ...Mel

gina101 writes:

Hi Pami, just wanted to call by and thank you so much for your lovely comments and your votes too ... You're always so welcome for the requests too sweetheart, you're a wonderful friend and moderator and I'm so happy we're friends here ... Sending you lots of love and wishing you a very happy Sunday ... Big hugs sweetie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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