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"Live simply, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly, & leave the rest up to God..."


Birthday: 1963-02-18
Joined: 2008-03-28
Status: moderator
Country: United States
Location: Heavenbound

Uploads: 14760
Layouts: 0

For those of you who want to know
the artist's that don't allow their work on GG,
here is a list of them, with a new one recently added,
including two others that has changed at end of list:

Anne Geddes
IMVU Dolls
Mary Engelbreit
MetoYou Bears
Peanuts Characters ~ leaving what's here, till further notice.
Playboy logo
Pon and Zi
Precious Moments
Ruth &/or Bill Moorehead
Sanrio Characters including (Hello Kitty)
Any future Disney (including Winnie the Pooh & friends)
& also Betty Boop graphics/tags made will need copyright
symbol added, thanks :)

Until around 06/30/2019,
please click, vote & leave a comment
with this tag, if you want one, thank you :)

I Love tagmaking & have been
a member of a copyright compliant
tagging group outside of GG since 2006.
Love my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ
I'm a Christian under construction,
as well as a wedding decorator/consultant.
I'm happily married the love of my life

July Birthdays

Jane ~ 4th
Robbie ~ 12th
Andrea~ 16th
Richelle ~ 21st

Comments (15)

heaven777 writes:

Hello again, Pami! Thanks so much for posting the J to me! I had trouble finding it! You are awesome!
I am glad to see you like my new page changes! Yeah, Serhat hasn't gotten back to me about my request & now I have a date when the hearing is next month! Thanks for your hope that it helps. My nerves are shot right now! Please forgive me if I missed any more of your E-mails! I think we should start a new one.
You are welcome for the cute graphic I shared! <3
Thanks for the great day wish!


melabanana writes:

I don't know if Pac-Font is allowed here, but if it isn't, or if you don't like it as a font, delete the names I made with that font

melabanana writes:

hello Pami, I'm glad to know that you like glitter names, this site, in addition to being able to show the things you know how to do, gives you the possibility of making small gifts, without spending money but making them with your own abilities, and I think they are most appreciated because made with the heart, to thank the people who are on purpose to help, like you

shian writes:

Good Morning.. i wanted to stop by and thank you for your votes. I appriciate tour time. Your always such a good friend to everyone on here. I just wanted to point out that we are grateful for à friend like you. Hugs, Shii ❥

brennybren writes:

Thank you very much dear Pami :)
this is so cute ♥ I love it :D
You are very welcome for your Birthday wishes,
and I'm so pleased you had a great Birthday :)
Hope your day was as lovely as you are ♥
and want you to know that you are a wonderful moderator and a wonderful friend ~♥~
xoxox Take care...love n hugs to you ♥ xoxox

heaven777 writes:

Hello again, Pami! I just want to let you know I decided to stick with the purple Princess birthday background that you made because it is my favorite color & the color represents, "Domestic Violence Awareness!" I also think of myself as a "Christian Princess," now. Thank you for all of your hard work! I think you are a great moderator, friend & artist! <3


keas_sister writes:

Thanks so much Pami for putting the Memorial Day graphic in the right category for me! I appreciate it. I did change out the cookie poser on the other graphic. Thanks for letting me know! You do an excellent job for this site! Hugs & Love ...Mel
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