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"i lyk 2 lie under my blankets in the middle of the night coz its cold outside!!"


Birthday: 1994-03-07
Joined: 2006-07-16
Country: Australia

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HMMMM.... so bored.
ill listen 2 music but then ill be bored wen the cds ovr.
i could get off my lazy ass and do something, but i dont wanna.
maybe ill just get on with this and leave my boredom behind...
I'm the 1 and only jess!!!...well theres lots of jesses but u know wot i mean...
im a h8r of labels,, but they seem 2 slip frm my mouth sometyms,, how hypercritical of me.
im just me,, but pplz reckon im emo coz i cry in class, nd at skewl sometyms...
they dont hav a fraking clue.
lol,, i h8 bing sad,, but i gess its a way of life some tyms.
im pretty wot evs at the moz,, mite go 4 a run ^.^
i h8 running,, but im bored.
leave comments,, ill get bak 2 u
I'm in love with all my besties:: Emmaness, Sondren-ness-afull, Laura, Bexta, Dionne, Luke and Gavin!!!!!!!!!
you guys r da bestest evazZ!!!!!!!
I'm a brunette with ooo so lovelie brown eyes...
I lurve music, art, Fashion, lollipops!!, mika, p!nk, kelly clarkson, stars, FOB, and ummm...ill think bout the rezt l8rs...
my fave colourzz r red, black, green, and purple and blue and silver and orange...
i hav 3 pet ratties and a catt.
did i say i lyk ben harper b4... well i do...
im not really into anime but i <3 DNAngel..
i <3 the simpsons... mmmHomer... and Bart!!

umm u probz seen me in the street called me a freak undr your breath and i probz corrected u with ITS FREAKASAURUS U PEROXIFIED BEATCH

l8r 2 become bbfl.

(thats a true story bout laura)

u don needa care is just it can deffinately happen so dont doubt the FREAKASAURUS on the street k?\

Freakasaurus 4 lyf. Jess 4 lyf. Random 4 lyf.

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