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Birthday: 1991-07-05
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shian writes:

thanks so much! i just love it, its adorable. Wow.. looking at yesterday's comment, i realized i had better do a bit of spell checking before hitting DONE from now on lol. Take Care Now You Hear? hugs.. Shii ❥

shian writes:

thabk you so much 4 making my graphic. I will vite and comment when it comes through. Take Care 😊 Shii ღ

shian writes:

Good Morning.. i just saw your Halloween "Thanks" Graphic (down below the good morning image) & thot it would be cute if it had the words "love, Shii" on the bottom right. I am not sure if your accepting requests on it but, i figured i would ask and see. 😊
No rush. If your unable that's allright. I just thot it would be cute. Thanks. Have A Blessed Day, Shii ❥

jane writes:

Wow, what a great page. You did a great job on it. I'm kind of late posting this but here goes anyway, lol

lin60 writes:

Hello my GG friend and glitter-Bug.Hope you are having a beautiful today. I am so sorry I have not been here as often as I want to be, but my work must come first as a substitute teacher. I worked every day last week and had not time for anything else. BUT next week, not this week, but the next I am on a short fall break from school and hope to be her making visits to you and making graphics..So n the meantime, I wish you a beautiful week, sunny skies, and happiness!! HUGGS,

Page looks awesome!!

shian writes:

whoooops! Lol ღ

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