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Birthday: 1954-05-15
Joined: 2008-01-26
Status: artist
Country: United States
Location: Kansas

Uploads: 2872
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(Made By Jane)

(Made By Connie Gayle)

(Made By Jane)

(Made By Pami)

(Made By Shakela)

(Made By Ramesh)

(Made By Mercuryz (Inga) )

(Made By Jane)

Comments (33)

halo42101 writes:

Hi, Mel! I just love this graphic & was wondering if I can please have one with Jessi on it. I have been loving your work & enjoy seeing your new uploads.
I hope this finds you doing well & blessed!


lin60 writes:

Hello and so sorry I have not been here. Working and teaching all week, then weekends fly by with all I need to catch up on. So please never think I left GG, I will visit as much as I can. Hoping to get time in the next weekend to make graphics, as my fav time of the year is here. So in the meantime I wish you the very best of a new week filled with love, sunshine smiles and memories!! HUGGSS

Mel I just love your page, so creative so beautiful filled with Autumn Love!!! :)

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Mel,

I hear ya, I knew you put it in your description, but Disney is requiring us to add it to our work too, thanks for fixing it & for your kind words also :) Don't blame ya, as I find myself re-inspecting my tags, just to be sure. Your welcome, I enjoy helping if & when I can :) Thank you, I appreciate you too!
Wishing you & yours...

Luv & Hugs

bambie writes:

Hi and thankyou for stopping by my page

fran writes:

Hello Sweetie,
Thank you for your prayers for my mom. Each day it seems that my mom is improving. Now, if I can only get my mom into a private room. I can tell from last night...she's not getting any rest. It was sad to see her face, my mom looked so depressed. I know my mom would rather be at home but it will take a little more time.
Your friendship, thoughts and prayers mean the world to me. Even though we haven't met in person, I'm...

Love you Sweetie,
Fran xoxoxo

jczbabydoll writes:

Hey again,

Hope you have a fantastic weekend & may it be filled with love, laughter & love too, thank you. Thanks also for the graphic you signed with, it's so true :) Happy Saturday :)


jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Mel,

I couldn't approve your mickey graphic, as the copyright info is missing, as soon as you add that to the graphic, it'll be approved, thanks.
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