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Birthday: 1954-05-15
Joined: 2008-01-26
Status: artist
Country: United States
Location: Kansas

Uploads: 2732
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~ Made by Tracey ~

~ Made by King Tito ~

~ Made by Cathi ~

~ Made by Jane ~

Comments (33)

lin60 writes:

Mel I love your page!!!!! xoxoxo

shian writes:

Mel.. i have written Serhat trying to get your graphics put thru. I dont understand what is preventing the Ramsay umage from uploading but if here is a final answer i will putnit thru again then. Sigh. I am so sorry. I have about 12 different styles now. I have tried absolutely everything. I have them and i will keep them til serhat helps me to upload them. I can email them 2 you until we figure out the problem if you'd

Mel.. i have written Serhat trying to get your graphics put thru. I dont understand what is preventing the Ramsay image from uploading but if it is fixable.. i will upkoad them again. Sigh. I am so sorry. I have about 12 different styles now. I have tried absolutely everything i can think if. Changed file type . Size, image, glass, size, style if text and nothing works. Even added animation. No go.. I have them saved and i will keep them til serhat helps me. If i can, i will upload them. If not.. i guess i can email them 2 you but, that isn't the answer we need since you need the codes. If you'd like to see some of my attempts.. here are a couple of the codes. At least you can see the styles.
Again i Apologize. I feel bad that it wont allow any Gordon Ramsay image to upload. Hopefully that will change soon. I will continue trying to upload daily. Take Care Now.. Shii ❥
Ps. If any go thru i will send you a note immediately.






jczbabydoll writes:

So Beautiful...thanks so much for making this for me Mel, looking forward to using it on my next page, I Love It :)


shian writes:

For some reason i am having trouble getting them uploaded. It keeps saying::
➡ problem uploading graphic.. Eek!

Of all the crazy comments.. lol. Anyway, I am going to take the links to Pami and if she cant get them working then to Serhat. I sent them to you, so you can see what i made and in case you want something different.. ok?



shian writes:

Hi there.. i am working on a couple of glasses with Ramsay in them 4 ya. One is a caricature and the other is an actual image. I put "i ♡ Ramsay" on each. If you want different text, just let me know, or if you'd like your name added no problem. Okay? At the moment the caricature is whats loaded in the que. I shouod have tyw other done and uploaded by the end of the day. Thanks for adding me. Take Care Now.. Shii 🌸🍃

fran writes:

Hello Sweetie,
That's OK...believe me I've been there, done that too! lol
Stopping by to show you some Love and to wish you a wonderful weekend!

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Mel,

Thanks for your compliment on my page, I've been wanting to do a theme with waterfalls & also have wanted to use this background for awhile now, so had to use it now, thanks again, love your page too, Too Cute :)
Had a pretty good thursday, Jeff & I are helping my younger sister & brother in law Jason out, since he was in the hospital & just had surgery & is unable to mow grass this summer, so we've offered to mow it for them each week to help them out, we decided to go over yesterday, since it's suppose to be really hot & humid this weekend.
Glad your keeping cool, we are too.
Aw, thanks for your kind words, I'm blessed just by knowing you too :)
Also, I meant to ask, may I request the dreams graphic with Pami added please, it really applies to Jeff & I right now, plus it's So Beautiful...& would love to add it to my next page, I already voted & commented on it too, thank you :) Hope you...

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