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Birthday: 1954-05-15
Joined: 2008-01-26
Status: artist
Country: United States
Location: Kansas

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Made By Katerina

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heaven777 writes:

Hello, Mel! I was wondering if I can please have this with Jessi on it. I love Minnie!
Take care & keep safe!

jane writes:

Hi Mel, poppin' in to say Hello and see how you are doing. I don't hardly ever get on FB, just once in awhile so thought I'd write you here. I hope you are doing ok, as you say no requests. I know you are waiting for warmer weather like I am. I'm tired of cold and sleet and all of it. I love snow but that is it and we have it almost every day now. Well, I'm still organizing files and folders so I can pretend I'm more organized, lol. A messy desk is a sign of a great mind, right? Well, you take care Mel, enjoy your day, stay healthy and I'll catch ya later, Love ya girl

jczbabydoll writes:


So glad you like it, thanks again for your beautiful birthday tag & wishes you sent, you made my day even more special :D
Thanks also for your kind words, your an awesome friend too!
Sorry to hear your without a pc, that does stink..., hopefully it won't be much longer that you'll be getting a new one. Doing pretty good, hope your doing okay & enjoying the winter days also, thank you!
Hope you also...

Luv & Hugs,

jane writes:

Hi, how's it going? I need to visit so many friends today so I must do a one letter for all, hope you don't mind. I hope you're enjoying your day and your weather is not like ours. It has been summer one day, then winter, then spring, and winter, etc. Today we have snow but hope it will melt again as we are due for a few more inches to come. I need to go on Monday to get another rental car so they can fix mine. Ron skidded on some ice and went into a ditch, breaking my fog light, the front panel and scratches on driver's side door. It's nice to get to drive a different car but I told them this time, no tanks, lol. I had a Tahoe last time he wrecked it and recently a Suburban, they are massive. I want a compact or mid size this time. I'll just be so happy when mine is fixed and the weather heads into Spring. Lots to do this summer outside so I won't be around much, but I'll try to get on before bed when I can. Well, I hope you are all enjoying your day, are in good health and spending your time with your loved ones. I pray this year is better for all of us on GG. Keep positive thoughts and push forward. I'll try to check back in next week. Have a happy, safe, day. Hugs, Jane

robbie4 writes:

Your Page is Fab~! Xx
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