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Not Taking Requests.


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shian writes:

Whoops.. That unreadable word was requests lol. If you ever begin taking requests again, was what i tried to say in my previous post. As well as saying.. well done! Sigh.. maybe i had better begin doing a bit of spell checking before posting. HaHa, Hugs.. Shii ღ

shian writes:

Good Morning Heike.. i just wanted to say you make the CUTEST graphics. I just love 'em. If you ever begin taking requedtd again, i will deffinatly jump in line. The snowman is adorable as well as the pink ones you've made recently. Well dine, they're too cute.
Take Care & Have a wonderfull week, hugs.. Shii ❥

jczbabydoll writes:

What a nice surprise..., this is Super Cute...this is going straight to my page, as soon as I change it, thanks Heike, I Love It :)
Hope have a great day :)


jczbabydoll writes:

Super Cute....love the flashing animation, thanks for going out of your way to make this for me Heike, looking forward to getting plenty of use out of it, I Love It :)
Also stopping by to say...


jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Heike,

How are you? Hope all's well...I see your not taking requests, but when or if you do, may I request this:

with Pami added please, love the animation, thank you :)


shakela writes:

Hello Heike...I haven't been around at GG like I use to at one time but there's too much to look into each day that my time doesn't allow me to be at most places...my apologies!!
I hope you've been doing great and that the New Year has kicked start by bringing many amazing moments in your life so far! I know that many of us had gone through so much in 2018 and I wish that 2019 will be a much better year for our family and us all.
So, I pray that this year will bring forth many fruitful achievements, success, joy, love, peace, good health and prosperity your way. Thank you for your support, love, patience and friendship. Have a great year ahead, take care and God bless.

XOXO ~ Shakela

lin60 writes:

To you,

Hello and yes Happy New Year from me to you. I am sorry this greeting is late, but we are just into the beginning of January so best late than not at all, right? Anyway I do hope your holiday season was all you wanted it to be and my wish for your new year is for you to be happy, healthy, be surrounded always by love, hugs, family, friends beauty, peace and love. I hope the new week will be great for you as I begin my journey come Monday back to work/school. My winter break is coming to an end and I wished I had gotten more time to be here, but time flies during the holiday season. So keep creating those beautiful graphics and hugs to you!!!

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Heike,

May you & your family be blessed with new beginnings that bring positive outcomes, while also wishing you & yours a Very Happy, Healthy, Safe, Productive, & Prosperous New Year :)


jane writes:

Hi, I'm stopping by to wish you A Happy New Year incase I don't get by on the actual day. I'm posting this to all I visit cause I can't type so much over and over, lol. If you celebrate New Years, I hope you have an amazing day and you start the New Year with renewed Hope, Faith, and Love. May it bring you everything you need or want. Also, I want to thank you for being my friend on GG. I'm so happy I met so many amazing friends and I cherish our Friendship. I hope we stay friends for many years to come. Happy New Year and God Bless you and your Family. Hugs, Jane
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