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" ♥ Proud Christian, Wife & Mother of three ♥"


Birthday: 1983-12-04
Joined: 2008-12-11
Country: United States
Location: In God's Hands

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2017 July Page

My Name is...

I've been married since 2005

I'm a Mother of three

I'm a Music lover

Jesus Christ is my Lord, & Lover of my soul

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nay*flower writes:


shian writes:

hope life has been treating you well.. you've been on my heart. I keep all of my friends here in my thoughts and prayers.. take care, hugs.. Shii ❥

ameliabadelia writes:

Hello. Thank you for visiting my page it's nice to meet you. I added you to my friends. Have a lovely day! =)

halo42101 writes:

Hi, Rachel! Yes, it has been a while since we talked. I am glad you had a moment to update me. That will be good if your Dad can help you remodel and fix your home, inside & out. I pray it works out well for you all.
That's okay if you are happy being a stay at home wife and mother. Perhaps that is your calling & true blessing in life. That is great you started working out & are eating better & lost some weight. I am sure you will reach your goal. :) That is great about your Gram too. :)
Wow, it's hard to believe how fast your girls are growing up! Good luck to your girls in School. Unfortunately, there will be those few mean kids. That was wise of your girl to hold her Godly virtues & walk away. I found when I didn't react to the kids picking on me any more in my Senior year of School, they left me alone finally & I could enjoy my last year of School like I wanted to. Aw, I loved the 4th grade. I had a very good Teacher & I hope your daughter does too. That's cool she enjoys being tomboyish. I am surprised to hear your youngest is going to be 6! That's wonderful she is so friendly & accepting. :) Bless your hearts.
Aw, I am glad to see you are helping your Gram. It sounds like she is very blessed having you help her like you do. That is good you are helping your Mom as well with what she is going through. You sure are a big blessing to many, Rachel... including me.
I am doing okay. I have been helping Theron recover since he had a surgery on his neck/spine about a month ago. He is still in pain. It did not help that he tripped over Flash right after surgery & hurt himself more. I am asking for prayer for healing for Theron. I still love my time with Flash, playing with him & walking him. I have been working on writing a romance novel of late. :)
Thank you for visiting when you could. God bless you & your family. Take care, Rachel. <3


shian writes:

thank you for stopping by.. hugs, Shii ❥

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Rachel,

Your right, it has been awhile since we talked...
Thanks for the update. You did tell me that your dad moved in with you & that'd be neat if your dad decides to rent his house out & stay with you to help you remodel & fix your home.
Don't blame ya there if you decide to not work so you can be a stay at home wife & mother. Congrats on losing the weight you have & making smarter choices. Amen, that you want to stay healthy so you can be there for your kids. That's great that your girls are taking a stand for God & are progressing in school too. I hear ya on life being busy for you lately, it's been off & on for us lately also. My mother in law whose 87 is in the hospital & has a slight case of pnemonia, she may have to go in a nursing home, since noone is able to take care of her at home, so please keep her in your prayers, thanks.
That's so nice of you to help your mom out like that, just don't spread yourself too thin. Thanks for asking about what's been going on with me, so sweet of you.
Hope to sharing something special with everyone soon, but don't want to quite yet, till I know this one particular thing is going to happen for sure, so please keep us in your prayers also, thank you :)

Hope you...

Hugs & Blessings to you too,

P.S. Love your new july 4th page, will be changing mine over soon too :)

tigerlily writes:

Nice 2 have U as a friend and your graphics R awesome....
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