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Birthday: 1955-03-27
Joined: 2009-02-21
Status: artist
Country: United States
Location: Fla. but miss NY

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robbie4 writes:

Here I am again "Peeking in" to leave some Love xoxo

robbie4 writes:

Missing You! xoxoxoxo

catb123 writes:

Hi Linda. Thanks for stopping by! How's the teaching going?
Hope you enjoy your weekend!

jane writes:

Hi Linda, thank you for stopping by. Your words mean a lot to me. I am trying hard to correct the things I let go, I just pray God gives me the strength and will power I need to do this for more than a week. I admit I love food, I love munching throughout the day, could bee carrots, salad or candy and junk. I love bread and never knew how much till I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2005. I pray I didn't suffer a stoke and want to fix this before I do or have a heart attack. I'm trying to keep myself busy so I don't want to eat, lol. It took time for my sugars to be over the top, way over the top and like my new Dr. said, be patient, we can do this, it's not too late. Also, she was shocked my kidneys were so good, me too. I had readings for years between 4 and 600. I still get some in the 300 and 200's but getting more in the hundreds too. She said the ones I get like 35, 56, and so on were probably due to Glipizide so no more of that one, back on Metformin, which helped me loose so much weight. Whatever comes I am going to try my best to fix it. I get blood work, urinalysis, and others tests next week then appointment again on 15the. I'll keep you posted, say a prayer if you would, I need willpower, I have none. God will get me through this. Sorry I bent your ear, have a super fay Linda.
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