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"Glitter & Sparkle every day!!"


Birthday: 1955-03-27
Joined: 2009-02-21
Status: artist
Country: United States
Location: Fla. but miss NY

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connie gayle writes:

Connie you are so welcome, if you want a pair of the ones I made, let me know and i will make for you xoxox

hi linda, yes please you make it for me thank you connie xoxo

robbie4 writes:

Hiya Sweet Linda thanks for your Email I have yet to
answer it but will do do today. We have Mum with us
still as she isn't quite well enough to return Home
just yet, she sure has amazed us with her Strength
& Willpower, to go through what she has & to cope
with it all is fantastic! We have my Brother coming
over from Australia next Week, I cant wait as we
havnt seen him in a couple of years so its really
exciting! I saw your lovely Christmas Pictures on
fb they are just Great! Have a Super Day,
Love You xoxoxo

grandma1958 writes:

Thank you so much for stopping by.Thanks for your kind words for my family.Its so sad her husband passed away in Aug 2017 and then she passed Jan 1st.She was my sisters first born only 38.I know how she feels i lost my first born in 2010 she would have been 43 Jan 13.A lot of things going on in my life right now Please keep us in your prayers.Thank you for being such a good friend to me love and hugs Marilyn.

halo42101 writes:

Good evening, Linda! Thank you for your sweet wishes. I wish the same to you!
I hope you have a great week!


fran writes:

Hello Sweetie,
You're welcome for your tag...so glad you love it.
I just uploaded your tag yesterday Sweetie, so you are fine claiming it.
I'm busy too, since our Spring semester kicked off last week. It'll be like this for a couple weeks until everyone gets settled.
It's freezing here too...the temperature is dropping. Our weather will be getting much colder by Tuesday...with, rain, sleet and snow! I don't mind the coldness, just not the rain!
Have a beautiful new week Sweetie, sending you all my Love.

joy4christ writes:

Hi Linda!

Hope you are doing well and having a blessed week!😊
Thank you for your friendship. 💗❤️💗❤️💗
May God bless you always!!


marigia writes:

Hi Linda thanks for your help and your kindness I wish you a good week my dear friend Hugs,Gigia

kleinezicke_77 writes:

Hello sweet Linda.
Thank you for your help..
thank you thank you thank you.
Have a sweet day, I hope with a lot of sunshine.
Hugs Heike

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