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Birthday: 1982-06-15
Joined: 2008-09-18
Country: Russia
Location: Moscow

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Taken Requests (sesonal graphic only)

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nice guy writes:

Hello my dear friend,

My hospital stays and visits have really taken a
toll on me lately. My times here have been
really draining on me. And my energy levels seem to be
diminishing. I feel very tired after the tests and the
consultations with the specialists. There was a time …
recently, when I could feel life ebbing away from me.
It can be a very scary feeling indeed. One can feel
that the whole body systems seem to shut down. It
Is really an awful feeling that runs through the body.
It takes days just to feel normal again.

The valve in the heart is not functioning well.
For some reason the body is losing blood too.
I cannot have the valve replaced as I it needs a
major surgery and this cannot be performed on me
as I have only two functioning arteries

The above is the reason why I have not been here
for some time. I have to accept what life dishes
out to me. On the other hand I have to look at the positives.
Do take care and and have a blessed day.

Jaya Francis

brennybren writes:

Hello Inga :) ♥
Made you an Autumn bunny :D
it's a little thank you for your birthday wishes to me ♥
Have a lovely week ahead :)
Love & hugs to you ♥

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Inga,

This one was also brought to my attention & was found yesterday:

& after checking into it, it's true, so it had to be removed, as the artist requires copyright info also, still searching for the other one, as soon as it's found, I'll let you know, sorry it wasn't caught sooner.

jczbabydoll writes:

Hey again,

Just found these:

at the artist's store & she requires copyright & license info too, so they were removed. Sorry they weren't caught sooner, as sometimes things get by us. Still checking on the others, thanks.

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Inga,

It was brought to my attention, that several of your recent graphics require copyright info, & after doing some research, I found out it is true, here they are:

Make sure to add your license too, as soon as you add that & the proper credit to them, they'll be approved. Also some sites out there that say their tubes are free, aren't, so please be careful, sorry that they weren't caught sooner. I'm still checking the others, including the one you made for me too, thanks.

nice guy writes:

Thank you so much for this
lovely "Autumn - Halloween"
graphic. I love it.

shian writes:

quick question.. for some reason when i search Shian only the other one comes up. The one below doesn't. I was wondering if by chance you forgot to add my name in the tags? If you wouldn't mind checking for me that would be great. Cant wait for Halloween to use it!! ❥

brennybren writes:

Thank you very much Inga ♥
I love this pretty Birthday graphic you have made me :D
Will be pleased to put it on my Birthday page when I upload it later today :)
Thank you again, hugs to you ♥ xoxoxox

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