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Birthday: 1920-05-25
Joined: 2011-12-07
Country: Hungary
Location: With my sweet GG friends

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Hello my beautiul friends!
I will not have internet for a couple of weeks.
I wish you all the best, wonderful everyday and health!
For June, August Birthdays I wish you a Happy Birthday!
Happy summer days!
I'll try it back soon! :)
Hugs with love Mietta!

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nice guy writes:

Hello to you. Have not heard from
you for some time too. Hope and truct
that all is well with you. It is already
01 Dec 2017 and soon CHRISTMAS will be here and
than we will have another new year ahead of
us. Do take care and have an enjoyable
and jolly good CHRISTMAS ... God Bless You always.

brennybren writes:

Hello Mietta :D
Hoping your day is a good one and you and your loved ones are well ♥
Not long until Christmas :)
Sending hugs to you with love from me :) ♥

shakela writes:

Hi there, Mietta...Hope all is good in your world. Just stopping by to wish you and your lovely family a beautiful weekend. Take care and God bless.

XOXO ~ Shakela


shakela writes:

Hi Mietta...it's not what we say about our blessings but how we use them is the true measure of Thanksgiving. Wishing you the gift of faith and the blessings of hope not only on Thanksgiving but all the days after. Hope you're doing well and miss you very much, sweets! Have a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving.

XOXO ~ Shakela


lin60 writes:

Hello and yes it is me, Linda your GG friend who has been not here that much due to my work at school teaching, but I am here now! So I do hope you are ok and all around you is ok as well. Here it is warm today, but we have been having our cool downs and I love it!! I have been decorating as well in between working and am here today to wish you and your a
. I will be cooking for Kenny & I a quiet Thanksgiving this year, just the 2 of us and we are looking forward to it. Maybe also finishing up the decorations outside as well..So enjoy, be safe, enjoy your Thanksgiving however you plan on celebrating!! Love you tons!!! xoxxo
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