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marceline the vampire writes:

There's Two Ways, I'll Show You Both!

First You can go to http://www.glitterphoto.net/.
First when you enter the website look and you'll find something that says 'upload your photo'. You click the button that says browse and then you select the picture you want, and you'll press 'upload'. When You Look down below there will be two buttons that say 'save' and 'undo'. If you look more to the right you will she a button that says 'resize'. You click on that and you'll see this bar. You'll move the little blue sqaure all the way to the left. Then you go up to 'save' and click download. Then'll you choose where to save it. Then You're done! =]
The Second way is to go to http://www.sherv.net/icon-maker/. With this you'll get a smaller icon. (96x96) I don't know if you'd enjoy that.
Once you're on the site the first thing that catches your eye is the 'Cartoon Avatar Maker' camershall. You look up from that and you see the 'browse' button again. Click it and choose your choice of picture. Then you'll scroll down a little and and see that your picture has been uploaded. It wil, have your picture and a 'preview' of what you want iconed. If your picture is big that it won't show the whole thing, like in your case, you got down to the second step. (It will have a two that looks like this 2.) You'll see that there is this little box on you picture. What you'll do is you'll take the corners of the box and make it bigger by pulling it. Then all your picture will be on the icon. Then you're done!

For you're info I would reccommand the first one though...
Well See You Around!

the_animelovers_club writes:

Yes I do ;)
Since its for the contest I won`t say anymore about it ;)
See you later then :D

marceline the vampire writes:

Hi mio~
How are you? You know the picture you entered for the contest?
Well, if you need help making it into an icon I can always help you! x] BTW I love it!!!
{Just to let you know you spelt 'right' wrong. Just wanted to point it out!}
Well..see you around! =]

the_animelovers_club writes:

Wow :D what a nice picture ;)
Did you make it for the contest?? And did you make it??
I really like it :D Tell me if it is to us or the contest!
I loved it ;)

the_animelovers_club writes:

Hey! :3
I`m holding a contest to create out avii!!
Its for thos who want :D
please come and jin the contest! ;) Rules you get in the club :3

void. writes:

Thanks. <3
Added you back ^^;

the_animelovers_club writes:

Surely :3 I wanna try and see if I can finish 2 animes before christmas and the normal things on christmas.

What about you??

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