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hi ;)

Thanks for all your prayers and sweet comments everyone!!
My Mom became an angel January 7th, 2014.

I will not be making any requests.

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Comments (1405)

lin60 writes:

Hello and happy Sunday, Monday for Robbie!! I hope you are having a great weekend thus far and that you are living every moment of it. My Sunday is filled with grey skies and rain!! Oh wait, here comes the sun!! Yay the rain is finally going away! Not able to go to the beach or in my pool today, but I enjoyed my day anyway! Here is wishing you the best of a new week and by the way I am loving all of the latest uploads, keep them all coming!! HUGGSSS

Judy you are missed here, please come back to GG and let us see your talent once again!! xoxox

shian writes:

I hope you dont mind me adding you as friend.. hopefully one day we will become just that.. friends, Shii ❥

lin60 writes:

For all of you who are Moms, Grandmas or have babies sleeping with the angles this is for you!!
Wishing you a very pleasant and loving day!! I will be on summer vaca from subbing at school in 2 weeks, so I will then have plenty of time to be here!! I miss all of you during the week, but I am just so busy I am wiped out by the time I get home!! So remember I am here and always will be!! HUGGSSS Linda

ladyasia writes:

hello my friend its been a while miss being here

connie gayle writes:

hi judy,
i want to talk to you something ok .. i ask you where did you get alpha kit
free or pay let me know ..
please tell me about alpha. i feel gut mod who people dont allow alpha kit . why.. should free or pay alpha kit download .. i still look for alpha kit but i cant find it alpha .. i feel gut mod people say no to me about alpha kit why . i still dont understand why.. thank you hugs, connie

lin60 writes:

Hello on this Super Bowl Sunday!! Beautiful day in my neighborhood, gorgeous sunny cool day!! Perfect for the 2 mile walk Kenny and I did this morn!! Here to say enjoy your today and wishing you a fabulous new week!! HUGGSSS,

lin60 writes:

Hello, here to wish you a very happy weekend!!! Winter weather has swept across the states (Robbie, enjoy your warm New Zealand weather) and the cold is making its way to me (YAY)..So make the best of your weekend and hugs to you!!!

So happy and excited for you!!!
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