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Birthday: 1920-02-21
Joined: 2014-05-22
Country: United States
Location: Idaho, but my heart and home are in montana

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Theme: Boho Mermaid in pink!
Next theme: Not sure yet
Current status: Kid's start school on the 23rd!!! FREEDOM!! LOL
Season: Summer!!!
News and Updates:So sorry it took me so long to do a summer theme, hope ya'll like my newest works! Special shout out to my sis Gina Wiffen for the help!! I love you sis!
Member since: 05 under silverwolf1802, 13' under current sn
Birthday: February 21
Anniversary: April 03 10'
Birthday for my twins Alex and Abby: July 22-10
Birthday for Gracie: September 29th 2011
Birthday for Stevie: November 7th 2005

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lin60 writes:


Hello friend, I do hope you are enjoying these last few weeks of summer (Robbie winter for you) and excited about the fall season making its way to us, (Robbie Spring)..As most of you know I am a substitute teacher and school begins tomorrow..I will not be here during the week as much, but weekend yes for sure. So with that being said, I am still here behind the scenes for you to get with me if you need anything or always email Serhat.. serhat@www.glitter-graphics.com. In the meantime enjoy your week, make ever lasting memories and catch up with you over the weekend!! HUGGS Linda

brennybren writes:

Wishing you a really great day Leah :)
and hope that all is well with you & your loved ones ♥
What a great page! Love it...
Have a lovely week ahead :)
~ Sending hugs your way ~
xox ♥ xox

gina101 writes:

OMG sis you are such a little babe, thank you so much for what you said about me further up your profile page, I really do love you so much and I'm over the moon with this beautiful gift you made for me ... I LOVE mermaids, I also love your beautiful profile too and guess what? I love you!!! Thank you ever so much for being so kind and so sweet and thoughtful ...I really LOVE it!! AND YOU TOO!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

robbie4 writes:

Wow this is so Gorgeous Thanks so much Sweetie I just
love it so much xoxo

robbie4 writes:

Hi Leah Im sure both of them will be just Gorgeous! I
cant wait to see them in UpLoads, thankyou so much
Hugs Robbie

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