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I made the outfit in the photo on her and then took the photo and made a tag out of it!

This is some of the photos I took of one of the dolls Grace and I have, I added some effects to her selfie in youcam. All the accessories and clothes you see in the photo I made.

To my gg family, if you think of me please pray for me and my mom. She has been helping me deal with most the doctor and medical related things. Also going threw lots of major pain issue with my back and severe scoliosis pain. My doctor is sending me to pain clinic again and pt for evaluations to see if anyone can help. I dont do pain meds or anti-inflammatory drugs well so I'm stuck on that option and their not healthy for long term use. I will try and keep everyone updated. I will try to get around to everyone's pages and do that the best I can. I appreciate all your sweet comments, love and support. You guys are all awesome

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gina101 writes:

Sorry sweetheart for not replying properly, I just got settled on the computer and my son happened, oh Lord :) he's been shopping online for clothes and decided last night he would send me to the brink of insanity by buying some more and asking my opinion, I was sat there like a right plum .... I have no idea about mens' clothing and which brand is which and what would look nicest, I need to see the item in reality to get a good idea so I was as useful as knockers on a nun.

Anyway my sweet, have a lovely day today and maybe we can catch up away from Facebook? I don't hardly go on there now and I feel so much better for it. I literally speak to about 10 people on there, if that? I just post my art and sign out, that's it. Do you have Whatsapp? Maybe we can have a natter and a catch up on there sometime if you do? I miss you sis, I hope all's good with you. Love you lots and hope to catch up soon xoxoxo

brennybren writes:

✿⊱ Hello Leah :) ⊰✿
I hope you and your loved ones have a really great week ahead ♥
x ♥ x
Thinking of you and wishing you well :)
Great page :)
...Sending hugs your way...
~ ✿ {◕‿◕} ✿ ~
♥ xox ♥

gina101 writes:

Hey sweetheart, so good to see you on here. Your page is looking beautiful, I love the theme you're using too and I'm glad you have the additional gadget now too. I find it very useful and a huge help given everything.

I hope you're ok and have a lovely week sweetheart xoxoxo

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Leah,

Thanks for stopping by...Hope you have a...

& new week :)

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