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"To visitors: I'm mostly active on deviantART. So catch me there. "


Birthday: 2002-07-24
Joined: 2014-10-19
Country: United States
Location: Illinois

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Eyyyyy my name is Rhi. I'm 14 years old and I use the program MikuMikuDance to make pictures (uploaded onto deviantart) and sometimes videos. I use the Vocaloid program to make covers. I like pastel and space aesthetics.

That's all. Bye.

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nightfalls writes:

Merry Christmas, Rhi!

indtanay writes:

Hi Rhi :)
One question
Do you make anime graphics or upload them after downloading from somewhere else?

traceysandy writes:

Hi there. I had to reject one of your uploads because obvious reasons.. We can't accept that word or language. Thank you

happy_guy writes:

M y Dear Friends at “GG”

Every day’s a perfect gift of time for us to use.
Hours waiting to be filled in any way we choose.
Each morning brings a quiet hope that rises with the sun.
Each evening brings sweet content that comes with work well done.

Each day is nothing like what it was yesterday.
It will never be anything like what tomorrow is going to be.
So always make the most of everyday and live it to the fullest.

Good things come to those who Believe,
Better things come to those who are Patient and
The Best things come to those who Do not GIVE-UP.

Life has a lot of challenges. We must not let the disappoints and
Failures pull us down. We have to work hard and strive for success
In our studies, in pursuit of happiness, and career advancements,
And for the betterment of our family lives. No one is going to do it
For us. We have to strive and achieve it on our own efforts.
That is a real achievement and be proud of it.

Thank you for each and everyone of you here at “GG” for the kind
And lovely friendship you have extended and the many beautiful and
Lovely graphics that many of you have done for me. Thank you also
For the visits you have made to my page. To this I remain grateful
for your time and kindness too. Have a Blessed Day Always.

Jaya Francis

dawg writes:

Look Rhiannon, Itz Button Mash


traceysandy writes:

Thanks for asking sweetie.. Not doing too well. A family member that was living with us passed away suddenly. We are all still in shock and sad. ❤

jczbabydoll writes:

I had to delete this graphic:

as it's unreadable.
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