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Birthday: 1949-04-26
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gina101 writes:

Good morning Jaya, oh I'm so sorry I missed your birthday, I'm terrible at keeping up so please accept my apologies ... How are you? ... I've been so busy with being back at work that I've not had much in the way of free time ... I hope you had a wonderful birthday and got lots of presents and spoiled as you're a lovely person and deserve it ... Oh I was so thrilled as Spurs beat Arsenal and will finish about them for the first time in over 20 years ... I can understand you must be disappointed but I'm sure Arsenal will make a huge comeback ... They're too good a team not to ... My mum was a Spurs supporter and it's where I get my Spurs supporting from ... My uncle played for Tottenham Hotspur many years ago, he passed away a long time ago, I'm close to his daughter (my cousin) and we talk quite a bit as she was close to my mum too ... I love your page Jaga, very bright and colourful ... I'm really so sorry for missing your birthday ... I do hope you enjoyed it and I hope today finds you well and happy ... It's Bank Holiday here so I'm off work ... It's lovely as I'm sat here waking up with a cup of tea and cuddles from my dog :) ... Lots of love to you xxxxxx

gina101 writes:

Good afternoon Jaya, how are you? I'm so sorry I haven't called by sooner to catch up and I hope today finds you well and happy ... Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my graphics and for your requests too, all of which are now uploaded and completed for you ...

I was listening to the England match the other night, I'm pleased we won but, like you, I'm not overly convinced we will do fantastically well to be honest ... I don't know what the answer is as we have had some incredible managers throughout the years but we just cannot seem to produce the tip top quality required to go on and win anything ... Hopefully we will step up a notch or two and start playing much better all round ... I hope that your family and friends were safe too during the London attack that took place recently ... Me and mine are all safe thankfully .. It was very disturbing to know this happened so close by ... Very sad too as to how many were killed and injured ...

Sending you lots of love and hugs Jaya, please take care and I hope you're ok and enjoying your Monday xxx

gina101 writes:

Hi Jaya, how are you? Thank you so much for passing by and for your request too, it's now uploaded and awaiting moderator approval ... Oh Arsenal have been having a few hiccups but so have Spurs when it come to Champions and Europa ... We just can't cut it, yet today we are doing very well and so far, winning 4 - 0 ... The weather here was really nice for a little while then we had storm Doris and there were a couple of tree down here, bins blown everywhere and an overturned lorry on the M25 ... I do hope you're keeping well Jaya ... Sending you lots of love my dear friend xx

gina101 writes:

Hi Jaya, so lovely to hear from you and you're most welcome for the graphics ... Anytime sweetie .. No rush for the add at all ... I understand as we all have lives away from being online so please don't feel pressured ... Have a lovely weekend Jaya, London is having a little snow right now, thankfully it's not settling .. Please take care and look after yourself .. Thank you for adding me on here too! Much love xxxx

gina101 writes:

Hi Jaya, how are you? I've added you as a friend on here now and thank you for calling by ... I'm so glad you're ok and very sorry to hear of the problems you've been having with trying to sign in to your old account ... Please don't worry if ever you don't get around to popping by to my account ... I do understand we have lives away from being online and it's not always easy and sometimes we do forget ... I have a dreadful memory! :)

Aww Jaya thank you and yes I do have a Facebook, I hope you don't mind but I sent you a friend request too ... I hope that's ok?

Do you miss being in London? My family still live there, my brother and his beautiful wife and kids ... I miss London quite a lot as my family are there but I love the countryside here where I am and it's so relaxing being able to appreciate nature and walking my little dog.

Sending you love Jaya and thanks also for your requests ... They're now uploaded and awaiting moderator approval ... Please take care and look after yourself, lots of love to you

lin60 writes:

Hi Jaya, I am so sorry you were having issues with your old account.. I will delete the old one for oyu. Sometimes glitches occur and nothing we can do. BUT I am loving your new page Jaya!! I added this new account to my friend's list and if you want please add me as well, also let your GG friends know you have this new page.. Have a great day and if there is anything else I can do please ask!!! xoox

lin60 writes:

Hello Jaya!!! I see you got a new page, and I also heard you needed help with your old page!! Please..if you want to keep this one, let me know, if not let me know if you want your old one back.. If you want to delete the old one let me know!! In the meantime send serhat an email if you need assistance serhat@glitter-graphics.com....If you do not get word from him soon please let me know!!! I am adding you as a friend on this account!!! xoxox

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