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nice guy

Birthday: 1949-04-26
Joined: 2017-02-01

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keas_sister writes:

Hi Jaya!
Your request has been uploaded
and waiting for moderation approval.
Thanks for requesting!

dinster writes:

Hi Jaya!

Tyvm for the email as well. :) I forgot to thank you and sent a blank thank you card Jaya. My apologies...

I hope all's well with you & yours.

Have a blessed day and tyvm for your sweet comments.


brennybren writes:

Hello dear Jaya ♥
Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday :)
and do hope your health is improving.
You will have heard that Arsenal has officially got a new manager now...Unai Emery, a Spanish football manager,
he has just left PSG.
Lets hope he does wonders at Arsenal :)
Take care, love and hugs to you ♥

mietta writes:

Hello Jaya my dearest friend!:)
Beautiful your page, love it!
Thank you so much for your kind words, your birthday wishes.
For me, my birthday is also nice to celebrate with such kind friends as You. Love you! Have a beautiful day!
Hugs with love Mietta!♥

shakela writes:

Hi Bro...yes, with an elderly stateman running the country; I believe that a brighter future is in store for the younger generation and all the people. It saddens me though that at an age when he's to sit back and relax...a whole load of burden is placed onto his shoulders!
You're welcome for the mother's day tags and thanks for the requests. Thank you as well for all the compliments on my graphics...sure appreciate them coming from you. You play such an inspiring role for all at GG and God bless you for doing so.
I pray that your weekend was a beautiful one and that you enjoyed it immensely with family and friends alike. Just stopping by to leave some love on your page and...


brennybren writes:

You are very welcome for your request dear Jaya :)
Always welcome ♥
Yes I completely agree with you about Arsenal, they lost so many away games...it was so disappointing and I really hope whoever gets the job of manager next, gets them back up where they should be.
He will certainly have a big job on his hands.
Take care and God bless you ♥

brennybren writes:

Hello dear Jaya :)
Hope that all is going well for you ♥
Have a lovely day ♥
xoxox Hugs to you xoxox

shian writes:

Hey there.. i saw your note and i will get them done this afternoon. Was wondering if you wanted it done in the same big rounded text you usually like? Or in the cursive one i used (cookie is the name of it) on it. I will make one if each if i don't hear back this morning. Take Care Now, hugs.. Shii 🌸🍃

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