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nice guy

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redgiant writes:

done two more for you..just check it out latter today as awaiting for MOD's approval..

redgiant writes:

Jaya, thx for requesting and appreciating..

brennybren writes:

Hope this is okay Jaya :)
Enjoy the rest of the week ♥

So far Arsenal haven't lost in the last 19 games!
That's pretty good going :D
But I wonder what will happen tomorrow against Man United...
can we make it to 20?
hmmm not sure lol :)
Hugs to you dear Jaya ♥ xoxoxox

brennybren writes:

Sorry Jaya I didn't realise that :)
I will do it again for you,
with the original words...no problem at all.
Have a lovely day ♥

brennybren writes:

Hello dear Jaya :)
Thank you for your request, you are most welcome ♥

I am so very sorry to hear how poorly you have been feeling :(
How frightening it must be for you to feel your life ebbing away from you...such a terrible worry.
And that on top of your other medical problems.
I hope that if at all possible you can start to feel much better, praying that you can do ♥
You were very missed from GG Jaya, as you are thought so highly of by your many friends on here ♥
~ God bless you ~

jane writes:

Hello Jaya, so sorry to hear of your hospital tests and visits. I bet you are tired and it's expected. Times like these are when we need or faith the most.It's hard I know, but try to be positive and don't give up. you need to fight to live. I have not been on much either as I'm having eye issues. It's a little better now but am so tired o one issue after another. Then I remember how many people have it worse than I do and I could always be worse. I pray you get through all of this Jaya. You are missed on GG, but take your time and build up your strength.Don't worry about GG, we will always be here when you are able to also be here. Wishing you: Great Faith, Improved Health, Love and Understanding and an Abundance of Prayers coming your way. God Bless Jaya, Hugs, Jane

lin60 writes:

Hello and yes it is me, visiting once again while I have some time. Missing all of you while I am so onto my job at school at times I feel so overwhelmed by all of the tasks I have on a daily basis, but I love it just the same. I do really miss being here making graphics, just re did my page for the winter and am happy with it and had a blast doing it, felt good to be here again. I am back to school tomorrow after having a week off, but was running here and there doing the holiday cooking and shopping!! Got all except 2 gifts bought..I am here to say I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and wish you a wonderful new week ahead.. Keep on glittering and know I will always be here, I will never leave!!! Many hugs !!!! Linda
I am so sad that you are going through struggle health wise and hope and wish that you get well and stay that way.

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