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nice guy

Birthday: 1949-04-26
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jane writes:

Hi Jaya, your two requests have been uploaded. Thanks for requesting, glad you liked them.

jczbabydoll writes:


So glad you like it, thanks again for requesting & also for the compliment on my page, love your page too.

Be Blessed always also,
thank you,

shakela writes:

You're most welcome for all the St. Patty's Day tags. I only wish that you had come by earlier and then you could have used the tags. I guess you can use them next year!! Thank you for your requests. God bless, dear Bro.

shakela writes:

Hello dear Bro...I hope the week is going by well. Sorry that I haven't been around but real life got in the way so couldn't come by to leave you a St. Patty's Day greeting.
I pray that all is well with you and your love ones. Thank you for always stopping by my page and leaving your beautiful messages there for me! You're most welcome for your tags and thank you for the compliments on some of the birthday tags. Appreciate and love you for doing so!!
Wishing you a beautiful day. Take care and God bless, Bro.


lin60 writes:

Hello and happy today to you! YES I am here paying you a visit that is long overdue, I have been busy teaching and working everyday, but now I am on Spring Break for the week, and the weather is not so pretty today, so it is a perfect today to come by your page. I am still a big part of GG and will always remain. I might not be here often as I was but each time I do get the chance I will be by. In the meantime between my visits, I wish you perfect days filled with sunshine and smiles, love and hugs. Be happy, stay happy and live your dreams!!! HUGGSS, Linda

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