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nice guy

Birthday: 1949-04-26
Joined: 2017-02-01

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brennybren writes:

Hello there dear Jaya :)
I've found you at last :D
I have added you as a 'lover' same as you have been for many years ♥
Love your pretty Valentines page on your new account :)
Hoping that all is well with you and your loved ones
Enjoy the rest of your week :)
xox Love n hugs to youxox

gina101 writes:

Hi Jaya, how are you? I've added you as a friend on here now and thank you for calling by ... I'm so glad you're ok and very sorry to hear of the problems you've been having with trying to sign in to your old account ... Please don't worry if ever you don't get around to popping by to my account ... I do understand we have lives away from being online and it's not always easy and sometimes we do forget ... I have a dreadful memory! :)

Aww Jaya thank you and yes I do have a Facebook, I hope you don't mind but I sent you a friend request too ... I hope that's ok?

Do you miss being in London? My family still live there, my brother and his beautiful wife and kids ... I miss London quite a lot as my family are there but I love the countryside here where I am and it's so relaxing being able to appreciate nature and walking my little dog.

Sending you love Jaya and thanks also for your requests ... They're now uploaded and awaiting moderator approval ... Please take care and look after yourself, lots of love to you

jane writes:

Jaya on the one graphic you requested with true love instead of Ron and jane, did you only want Jaya below or do you want your name added after the Two hearts that beat as on? Let me know.

lin60 writes:

Hi Jaya, I am so sorry you were having issues with your old account.. I will delete the old one for oyu. Sometimes glitches occur and nothing we can do. BUT I am loving your new page Jaya!! I added this new account to my friend's list and if you want please add me as well, also let your GG friends know you have this new page.. Have a great day and if there is anything else I can do please ask!!! xoox

lin60 writes:

Hello on this Super Bowl Sunday!! Beautiful day in my neighborhood, gorgeous sunny cool day!! Perfect for the 2 mile walk Kenny and I did this morn!! Here to say enjoy your today and wishing you a fabulous new week!! HUGGSSS,

lin60 writes:

Hello Jaya!!! I see you got a new page, and I also heard you needed help with your old page!! Please..if you want to keep this one, let me know, if not let me know if you want your old one back.. If you want to delete the old one let me know!! In the meantime send serhat an email if you need assistance serhat@glitter-graphics.com....If you do not get word from him soon please let me know!!! I am adding you as a friend on this account!!! xoxox

fran writes:

Hello Sweetie,
You're so welcome for your tag, so glad you love it.
I'm lovin' your page too.
Have a beautiful weekend, sending you lots of hugs and I'm...

jane writes:

Lovely page Jaya, I added your new acct. to my friend's list

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