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Birthday: 1954-01-04
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Country: United States
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Hello everyone I missed you all so much.I am going try coming back i was in the hospital for a while trouble with my heart.So let see how it goes.For all of you who made me tags while i was gone thank you so much.

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lin60 writes:

Hello and happy new week to you! Hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer, winter which ever the case may be. My summer so far has not been what I expected. Hot yes, too much rain a big YES. Everyday for the past 2 weeks almost rain off and on, no sun until the very late part of the day! BUT it is what it is. I am loving all of the new graphics I am seeing uploaded here on GG. To all who is making them thumbs up, keep them coming! In the meantime, hugs and love being sent your way!

lin60 writes:

Hello and hope your today is filled with sunshine and happiness!! Here to wish you a Very Happy 4th of July and a pleasant new week. If you do not celebrate I am here to say hello and have a beautiful week!! GG has gone a bit quiet lately, but never fear for it is summer in most parts of the world and a lot are on vaca or just enjoying the summer time fun. HUGGSS,

Annie we all miss you lots, wish we knew how you were doing!!

shian writes:

I hope you dont mind me adding you as friend.. hopefully one day we will become just that.. Shii ❥
Ps)i am sorry to hear about your heart problems. I have a clot in mine & its caused several minor hwaet attacks. I will be praying that you have a full recovery! GOD BLESS

lin60 writes:

Wishing you the perfect today and a pleasant and beautiful new week!! HUGGSSS
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