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"i am queen brookes :) x welcome too my castle x x anything i can do for you *bow too you* offically Engage now"


Birthday: 1982-11-03
Joined: 2010-02-16
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Reigate/Surrey

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Hiya...I'm EmmaJane...I can be pretty loud and out-going at times, i am 27 yrs old,i am English woman with northern accent, 5 foot 4, i look young 4 my age. i am a very bubble lady

I am just to kind for my own good. not shy person.
am a very loving, faithful lady ....please no games here.. beautiful and gorgeous

i am deep fan of Final Fantasy i think u notice wiv all my stuff on my profile i love it that much also i love Anime & manga xx

i also i look after my cousins and my little sister lucy also my brother barry. i am carer so i look after my dad i am a very bubble girl keep my self to myself i always get along witheveryone and i can be sometimes quite.also i am dye my hair purple alsoi wear glasses Good personality, friendly, down to earth,sweet, kind,cheeky. sense of humour fun to be with. I am a very honest person, aloyal friend. I get walked all over quite alot as I am just to kind formy own good. not shy person. i always look out 4 people. am not shyperson. i always look out 4 people i have really change alot. i am nutty fruit cake also up 4 a laugh,i dont be racist either..

am a very friendly, caring & loyal person but do have a very naughty side, I love having a good laugh and enjoying myself. I love my family and friends. You have to take me as you find me, my cousin,sister think I am abit crazy (don't know why).

xxx I am proud Christian xxx
i go 2 fellowship church in Redhill in united-kingdom. I listen 2 delirious? love Christian music also into gospel jesus only bloke in my life and soul i love him with my heart xxx god back in my life i am glad, i believe that theres a god in my heart i love him very much in my life hes one whos looking after my nan xx love you god.

also in fellowship team - christian worship team which means i will be singing my heart out xxx

now you are here, leave me a loggie message. i send u one bk

What Can I Say About Craig He Is My Beautiful, Georgeous Knight In Shining Armour And I LOVE Him With All My Heart I Will Never Let Him Go And I Know He Is The One For Me Since I First Set My Eyes On Him I Knew He Was The One For Me I LOVE YOU TO MUCH Jcraig More Than Anyhing I Have Ever Known I Never Want To Lose Him. I Dont Know What I Would Do If I Did It Was Love At First Sight And I Will Never Let Him Go, I Love Him To Much xxx

I Love Craig Brookes forever

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