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Birthday: 1959-04-04
Joined: 2015-08-11
Country: Hungary
Location: Kecskemet

Uploads: 5617
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xxdebxx writes:



roniangel writes:

Hi, I couldn't approve 3 of your recent bunny graphics. The artist is Ruth Morehead and due to copyright issues we are not allowed to accept anything with her artwork. Thank you :)

roniangel writes:

Hi, I couldn't approve several of your recent uploads for 2 reasons. Some already exist here and the rest were because there was a URL to the website where you got them and we do not allow that. Thank you

jczbabydoll writes:


Nem tudtam jóváhagyni a hátteret a tinkerbell-el, mivel a disney-grafika most már a szerzői szimbólumot és a művész nevét igényli.

jczbabydoll writes:


Néhány grafikát nem tudtam jóváhagyni, mivel Ruth Morehead már nem fogadható el a szerzői jogi problémák miatt. Néhány olyan hátteret is, amelyek virágokat és állatokat tartalmaztak a megfelelő kategóriában, de rossz leírást adtak, háttérbe / természetbe kerültek.

roniangel writes:

Me again. I also removed this graphic because it already exists here.

roniangel writes:

Hi. I couldn't approve some of your recent uploads because the artist (Ruth Morehead) doesn't allow her work to be uploaded here. It was a little baby and some little girls. Thank you

roniangel writes:

Hi ~ I had to remove one of your recent uploads because it already exists here at GG. Please make sure that you are doing your own text, glitter, sparkles, etc. and not uploading something made by someone else. Thank you.

Here is the one that exists here

Here is the one you uploaded

roniangel writes:

Hi ~ I had to remove this recent upload because if you look in her hat there's a watermark from the person who made it. You can't upload anything that has someone else's watermark. Thank you

roniangel writes:

Hi ~ I had to remove one of your uploads because it already exists here at GG and the animation was done by someone else. Please make sure that if you are uploading graphics that have any animation, glitter, etc. that you are the one that has done it. Thank you

Here is the graphic that already exists here and the one below it is the one you uploaded.

Already exists

The one you uploaded

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