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"Love One Another"

rita joyce

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Dear G-G Friends,
Pami has informed me that many of you have been asking about me. Thanks for your continued friendship and concern. I so appreciate it! I am still dealing with some serious health issues, along with those of family members, so I still am unable to be here at G-G on any long term basis. Still, I want you to know that you're always in my thoughts, prayers and heart! Wishing everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving a blessed day. I am thankful for old friends here at G-G. God bless you!
Hugs, Rita

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ladyrae writes:

Hi !
Coming by to say . . .

shonna writes:

Hi Rita, I know it's been a long time since I came by hopefully all is going good with you wishing a good health just letting ya know I haven't forgot about you at all I am doing okay struggling with health issues with this Cervical Stenosis but not going to let that get in the way what I love doing I do hope your day and weekend goes great each day and every week for you

shian writes:

Ps. I hope you dont mind me adding you as friend.. hopefully one day we will become just that.. i will be praying you get well. Take Care.. Shii ❥

lin60 writes:

Hello and Happy Memorial to all who observe this day! I am so enjoying my time off from school while it closes for the summer!! Strange to wake up on a Monday and not have to rush to get to work!! I am wishing you the best of the new week and to say please enjoy your today!! HUGGSS

lin60 writes:

For all of you who are Moms, Grandmas or have babies sleeping with the angles this is for you!!
Wishing you a very pleasant and loving day!! I will be on summer vaca from subbing at school in 2 weeks, so I will then have plenty of time to be here!! I miss all of you during the week, but I am just so busy I am wiped out by the time I get home!! So remember I am here and always will be!! HUGGSSS Linda

brennybren writes:

Hello dear Rita :) ♥
~ Wishing you a blessed Sunday ~
And hope that the week ahead is a good one ♥
May you & yours be happy and as well as possible :)
...Love n hugs and I'm thinking of you...
~ ✿ {◕‿◕} ✿ ~
♥ xox ♥

lin60 writes:

Wishing you the perfect today and a pleasant and beautiful new week!! HUGGSSS
Missing you and wishing you were here
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