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"In Memory of my Beautiful Mum . . . And A Little bit about Me . . . and of course The Beach - my fave place to be."


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16th January 2019 was a very sad Day . . .Our Darling Mum Passed Away
& My Brother,Sister & Myself & Family are Heartbroken
Please Keep us in Your Prayers.

My Darling Beautiful Brave Mum
Thankyou so much for this Beautiful Gift Fran

Thankyou for all of your Lovely Messages and Comments
and the Beautiful Graphics that have been made for Me.
Mum would have absolutely Loved them,as she was always
interested in seeing My Page on GG, as she was an Artist
who loved to Paint and she belonged to a local Artist
Group in her Home Town.I have dedicated the first half
of My GG Page to My Dear Mum.

Thankyou so much Jane for these Beautiful Graphics

Thankyou so much Ari this is really Beautiful

Thankyou so much Shakela this is really Beautiful


Well Im a 100% Beach Girl & I Always have been
since My Mum & Dad had a Beach House when we
were young and we spent every Summer there as a
Family,thats where my love of the Beach all Began.

New Zealand is an Island Country & It lies in the Southwest Pacific
Ocean Our Country consists of two main Islands-the North Island
and the South Island and several dozen much smaller Islands.
We are over the International Dateline & that means that
we are a DIFFERENT SEASON & a DAY AHEAD of you
all in TIME, we are also the first Country
in the World to see the Sunrise. :-)

A Special Thanks to Jane for these GORGEOUS
Summer Graphics I Absolutely LOVE them.

I have been doing some Cleaning out of my Friends List as many of you are no Longer Active,or have been
MIA for well over 12 months Please do let me know if you return to GG as I would love to re/add you.

Always happy to do Requests on latest Tags ♥❀ヅ❤❥

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creamymocha66 writes:

Good morning, have a great day. 😊😊

fran writes:

Hello again Sweetie Pie,
Thank you so much for this BEAUTIFUL gift! I love the sparkle effect you did...GREAT JOB Sweetie!
I absolutely love it and love you much more.
Sending you lots of Love your and have a beautiful new week.

fran writes:

Hello Sweetie,

Have a beautiful new week.
Love you,
Also, leaving you lots of Hugsssssssssssss my Dearest Angel

lin60 writes:


gina101 writes:

Hey sweetheart, thank you for calling by and for your lovely comments too. I think of you often and I hope you're as ok as you can be given everything. I know it's beyond devastating and I don't know the answer to how we keep going, I found when it happened I just focussed on my boys, Eddie baby dog and trying to keep distracted as much as possible, be it working or just walking Eddie for miles per day ... Poor dog was knackered LOL ... I just didn't know how to cope, I would do anything to distract myself from stopping to think on it all... I know mum wouldn't want me to get all depressed and fall apart but we are only human and sometimes we just need to let it out ... I know it's not easy Robbie, just do what you need to do for you, to get through each day as best you can and to focus on what brings you joy and comfort, go out for coffee, see friends, do what you need to do... None of it makes up for your grief, it just makes it a little more bearable. I'm always here if you fancy a chat, although Facebook messenger gives my backside a toothache but if you do message, just let me know so I don't miss your note. Thinking of you with lots of love and sending massive hugs xoxoxo

shakela writes:

Hello dear Robbie...I hope the week is going by well. Sorry that I haven't been around but real life got in the way so couldn't come by to leave you a St. Patty's Day greeting.
I pray that all is well with you and your love ones. Thank you for always stopping by my page and leaving your beautiful messages there for me! Appreciate and love you for doing so!!
Wishing you a beautiful day. Take care and God bless, sweets.


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